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Move Your Events Online Instead of Cancelling or Postponing

Considering virtual events? Whether you’re hosting online sessions or a multi-day virtual conference, Eventsforce VCD (Virtual Content Delivery) is a fully integrated platform that can support you with registration, live content delivery, networking and the ability to build lasting relationships with your attendees online.

Eventsforce Virtual Event Platform (VCD)

Create the Online Experience Your Attendees Want

  • Quick sign-up with user-friendly mobile technology
  • Personalised registration and agenda management
  • See recommended sessions, exhibitors and networking contacts based on individual preferences
  • Watch live and recorded sessions – anytime, anywhere
  • Engage with online speakers through live polling, surveys and Q&As
  • Connect and exchange ideas with other attendees through virtual breakout sessions
  • Run meetings within VCD platform with live video calls (1:1 and group)
  • Take notes, add to favourites and stay up to date on latest event information
  • Access forums, on-demand content, libraries and resources

Quick Setup, Simple Licensing - No Additional Ticketing Fees

  • Use an intuitive platform that can be customised to match your event’s branding guidelines
  • Send invitations, personalise registration and manage online delegate payments
  • Set up agendas and programmes and update automatically on VCD platform, websites, apps
  • Automate entire process of submitting, reviewing and managing abstracts/call for papers
  • Stream live and on-demand sessions using popular platforms like Zoom and YouTube Live
  • Use broadcast messages to update attendees + run promotional campaigns
  • Track in-session attendance + manage CPD accreditation
  • Get insight on key metrics – including registrations, attendee engagement, session popularity and more
  • Manage all your virtual, hybrid and live in-person event data on one platform

Engage Your Sponsors & Exhibitors

  • Host a ‘virtual exhibitors’ area and help your sponsors build brand visibility with different advertising opportunities across the VCD platform
  • Allow sponsors + exhibitors to manage online profiles with videos, podcasts, collateral, staff bios and more
  • Use smart matchmaking tools to help exhibitors, sponsors and attendees make the right connections
  • Support exhibitors with automatic lead capture – similar to badge scanning at live events
  • Arrange live video calls (1:1 and group) within the VCD platform for enquiries, demos and meetings
  • Improve sponsor ROI by creating tailored ad campaigns that target attendees based on individual interests and preferences
  • Maximise revenue generation and take control of all your ad campaigns – you can decide which ads appear when, where and for how long
  • Access the VCD analytics dashboard to track engagement and create the post-event reports your sponsors and exhibitors want
  • Want to learn more about exhibitor and sponsor engagement with VCD? Get the Guide.

Helping You Deliver Successful Virtual Events

Save the time and stress of managing your remote speakers and deliver high-quality audio and video content using Eventsforce VCD. Our partners, ITR, will look after your speakers and ensure they have everything they need to deliver their presentations and create a seamless event experience for your online attendees – from remote speaker management, AV rental and configuration, testing and rehearsals to managing transmissions, studio hire, speaker green rooms and more.

Getting Value from Your Event Technology

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    Onboarding & Training

    Our team of experienced event professionals will provide step-by-step guidance and training to help set up your virtual event and get the most out of your Eventsforce investment.

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    First-Class Support

    Our friendly support team is always ready to help with any questions you may have. With a 7-minute average response time, we consistently smash industry ratings for customer support each year.

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    Data Security & Compliance

    Eventsforce helps you meet the stringent data security and regulatory requirements of your IT, legal and finance teams - including SSO, PCI DSS and EU GDPR.

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There are many things about our software that make it the platform of choice for so many event planners across the world. Here’s answers to the most common questions we get asked from organisations investing in event management software.

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