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There are many things about our software that make it the platform of choice for so many event planners across the world. Below you'll find answers to the most common questions we get asked from organisations investing in event management software.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Q: Our in-person events have been replaced by virtual events and hybrid events. Do you have a solution to help me?

A: Yes we do. Eventsforce VCD (Virtual Content Delivery) is a fully integrated virtual event platform that can support you with registration, live content delivery, networking and the ability to build lasting relationships with your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors online. We’ve prepared a comprehensive Virtual and Hybrid FAQ page focusing exclusively on our virtual event solutions.


Q: Our website is a key selling tool for our events, so we need to make a great first impression with potential delegates. Can you help?

A: Yes, we can. We’ll help you produce branded mobile-responsive multilingual websites in minutes using our simple content management system. With a choice of templates, and the option to make use of custom design templates, you don’t need to be an expert in web design to build the perfect website for your event.

Q: Most of our event registrations begin with an email invite. Are we able to send these through Eventsforce and what makes these emails effective?

A: Eventsforce offers editable templates to automatically schedule and send branded emails to targeted groups of attendees for your event. What makes these effective is the ability to make them personalised. Whether you are offering targeted discounts, bespoke registration journeys or exclusive access to selected sessions, you’ll be able to tailor invitations to maximise registrations.

Q: How can I measure the success of my events?

A: This is simple to do in Eventsforce with functionality that allows you to measure your event ROI by creating, saving and scheduling reports on event data such as registrations, attendance, session selections and revenue.

Q: Can I white label my event websites?

A: Yes, you can, and to whatever level you choose. Whether it’s using your own domain names, or removing all Eventsforce branding and the Eventsforce logo, your website pages and emails can be constructed to appear exactly as you want them. It’s your Eventsforce system so we’re not precious about forcing you to use our branding.

Q: Do you have a mobile app?

A: Yes, we offer our clients Eventsforce Mobile. This scalable solution is fully integrated into Eventsforce and combines your powerful registration solution with a mobile app to engage and motivate your delegates. You will benefit from working with one supplier – no need to waste time contacting more than one company whilst repeating the same details.


Q: How do you price your solution?

A: Our pricing is based on an annual license which is fully inclusive of hosting, support, maintenance and regular system updates. It also includes your onboarding with our Client Services team. Pricing is based on the number of users and registrations, and for Eventsforce Awards, we can also price on submissions and events. Additional products such as Mobile Apps, Badging & Check-in solutions and Virtual Content Delivery (VCD) are charged on a per-event basis.

Q: How long is your minimum term?

A: Our minimum term is 12 months.

Q: Are there any hidden costs

A: No. Our pricing is clear and transparent, and we take pride in the fact you won’t be confronted by any nasty surprises later on!


Q: What Integrations are available?

A: Our comprehensive API allows you to unlock the true value of your event data and integrate Eventsforce with your existing business systems. The API allows us to seamlessly integrate our solutions with payment gateways, mobile apps, CRM, finance, corporate websites, security vetting and membership systems.

Q: Which payment gateways do you support?

A: Eventsforce integrates with the following payment gateways for easy and secure online payments: (SIM), eWay, Datacash (Hosted Payment Solution), Datatrans, Global Payments (GP Webpay), Netbanx, Ogone, PayDollar PayGate, PayPal Payflow (US), PayPal (UK), Sage Pay, Secure Trading, Stripe, Worldpay (Business gateway),


Q: What support do you offer? 

A: We offer 24/5 support to clients all across the globe.

Q: Where is your support team based?

A: We currently have support teams based in the UK and the USA.

Q: Will I get to meet your team?

Yes. Whether it’s training or onboarding, account management meetings or client events, we’re always happy to meet with you online or in person – whichever suits you best.

Q: Could you build events for me?

No, but we’ll support you every step of the way. Our aim is to provide you with the tools and expertise to create your own events as required. So, no delays in going live and complete flexibility to have your events the way you want them.

Q: Do you provide staffing or hardware solutions for events?

No, this is not currently something we do.

Q: Do you charge for support?

No, all our support is included free of charge. You can contact us over our live-chat, email us, or call, we’re always happy to help.

Q: Which browsers do you support?

Full details of supported browsers are available here.


Q: How secure is my data?

A: Eventsforce Solutions Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner under the Data Protection Act 1998 and takes all reasonable steps necessary to ensure that all personal data held on any of its systems is kept secure against unauthorised access, loss or destruction. All traffic between Eventsforce servers and client browsers is sent using HTTPS (TLS 1.1 or higher). This ensures the highest level of security when viewing and entering data on a web page.

Q: Is Eventsforce GDPR compliant?

Yes, we most certainly are. We are a UK-based company so therefore bound by the same legislation as any of our EU clients. All our core product servers are in the EU, as are our development team, and the main support team is based in London, UK. We are committed to data security, can help our clients with data erasure, and we provide a separate database for each client.

Q: Would you ever use our data?

No, you always own all your data. Eventsforce Solutions Ltd is considered to be a “data processor”, the customer is the “data controller”. Eventsforce stores data as defined by the customer, the system itself does not determine the level and type of data stored. All of your data remains under your ownership and control.

Q: Will you sell my data?

A: We will never sell your personal information to any third party.

Getting Started

Q: What happens after I sign?

A: Your journey as a customer starts with our dedicated onboarding team, whose job is to agree on event objectives and ensure that your Eventsforce solution supports your requirements. You will then receive a bespoke training programme tailored to your specific needs. Once you are up and running your dedicated Account Manager will provide you with regular face-to-face reviews and feedback sessions, and of course you can contact our Technical Support team at any time.

Q: What is your typical turnaround time?

A: We recommend that you allow around 4 weeks to get your solution up and running. This includes the Onboarding process and Client training.


Q: How are you different to your competitors?

A: At Eventsforce, we care that you succeed. We believe that technology alone is not enough to deliver sustainable results for your events and we are committed to offering more. Our collective expertise in events and technology allows us to offer a unique partnership approach which is reflected across our entire operations – from software development and onboarding to client services and support.

Q: Do I need to be a tech guru to use Eventsforce?

A: No. Eventsforce is used by Event Managers and designed to be used by Event Managers. It’s simple and intuitive, and your onboarding and training will cover all your requirements.

Q: Can I get a demo?

A: Sure. Your live demo will be more than just a general overview of our solution. Each one is bespoke and tailored to your specific requirements. It’s your opportunity to learn how Eventsforce can help you meet your organisational goals, to see how it works, and to ask any questions. No obligations, online or in person – we’re here to help you and make sure your events succeed.

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