Making It Easier To Manage Your Event Data

Reporting, Integration, Security, Compliance


Get Data-Driven ROI

Eventsforce can capture, track and report on valuable real-time data that can help you measure performance, build attendee profiles and make better-informed decisions around your events. Build a secure, central database across all your events to learn more about your attendees and get the insight you need for growth and success.

Event Reporting & Dashboards

Save time in creating, scheduling and sharing data-rich reports on registrations, attendance, session selections, revenue and more. Get real-time insight on the data you want using Eventsforce dashboards and track the growth of your events through cross-event reporting and analytics.

Manage Your Data Strategy

Our onboarding team can assess all your data requirements and recommend on the best processes and workflows you need to put in place. They will provide guidance on what data needs to be captured by Eventsforce in order for you to create the ROI reports that matter. Having this support from the start can help you avoid making changes to your data strategy later on, saving you both time and money.

Sharing Data with Stakeholders

Our open API makes it easy to integrate the data in Eventsforce with your event technology stack, as well as some of the other back end systems you use around your events – including mobile apps, CRM, finance, membership and more. This cuts down the work you need to around manual data transfers, whilst eliminating errors and inconsistencies.

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Data Security & Regulatory Compliance

Data theft is a problem for any organisation that has valuable information to protect and the events industry is no exception. Eventsforce will help you meet all the stringent data security, privacy and regulatory compliance requirements your organisation will have – including PCI DSS and EU GDPR.

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