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Save Time Managing Your Event Data

Cut down the time you spend on manual data transfers, creating event reports and sharing important information with  key departments across your organisation. Our open API allows you to easily integrate Eventsforce with some of the other systems you use around your events – including on-site solutions, CRM, finance, membership, security and more.

Why is Data Integration Important for Events?

Data Integration can bring real value to your events by helping you to manage your data more effectively and ensuring people across your organisation have real-time access to critical and accurate event information at all times.

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Time Saving

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Data Accuracy

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Increased Productivity

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Better Data Sharing

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Increased Revenue

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Improved Data Security

On-Site Integration

Your Eventsforce solution can easily be integrated with your event app, removing the need for manual data uploads and ensuring the information attendees see is always accurate and up-to-date – from programme and session information to personal agendas, delegate lists and more.  You can also integrate Eventsforce with your on-site badging solution to speed up the check-in process of attendees and ensure you’ve got the real-time overview you need on registrations and attendance on the day of your event.

CRM Integration

Eventsforce offers quick and easy integration with the market-leading CRM, Salesforce, allowing the quick, accurate and seamless flow of data between the two systems:

  • Pull invitations lists from Salesforce directly into Eventsforce
  • Automatically update attendee profile changes in Salesforce
  • Create leads in Salesforce whenever you capture new registration data
  • Real-time overview of attendee event history in Salesforce
  • Manage data more effectively and comply to Data Protection regulations (GDPR)

Payment Gateways & Finance Integration

Eventsforce allows you to securely manage attendee payments by integrating your registration system with a number of major payment gateway providers including Sage Pay, Worldpay, PayPal and many others. See here for our complete list of our payment gateways.

We can also provide you with support when integrating Eventsforce with finance systems like Sage SAP/Exchequer/Access Dimensions and others:

  • Automatically update attendee payment details into your finance system and vice versa
  • Generate, update and send invoices, credit notes and payments from both systems
  • Eliminate manual process of updating systems and chasing payments
  • On-going visibility on outstanding payments and event revenue
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Membership Integration

Eventsforce can help improve the service you provide to members by integrating your event management solution with membership systems like iMIS, Silverbear and Integra so that any changes to records in one system is automatically reflected in the other.

  • Renewals or new membership sign-ups are automatically recognised by Eventsforce
  • Provide automatic membership checks as part of registration process
  • Manage Continual Professional Development (CPD) processes with real-time insight into event attendance history of each member
  • Manage data more effectively and comply to Data Protection regulations (GDPR)

Corporate Website Integration

Integration between Eventsforce and your corporate website management software ensures that each time you create a new event in Eventsforce, the details of the event will automatically appear in the events section or listings on your organisation’s website.

  • Eliminate the need to manually upload event information on corporate websites
  • Any changes in Eventsforce (venues, dates etc.) automatically reflected on websites
  • Keep event data on corporate websites accurate and up-to-date
  • Segregate event listings by type or topic
  • Integrate with as many events or websites as you want

Security Integration

Eventsforce can be integrated with the security vetting system your organisation may be using to conduct security checks at your events.  The integration allows you to provide automatic identification and security checks for all your attendees as part of your event’s registration process.

  • Attendee ID information provided in registration forms is automatically checked against security system
  • Automatic emails to attendees informing them if accreditation has been approved or rejected
  • Real-time visibility in Eventsforce on the progress of security checks for each attendee
Case Study: The Liberal Democrats

Data Integration Case Studies

Eventsforce works closely with clients in managing complex data integration projects, which help them save time, cut costs and improve data insight.

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