Eventsforce wins its bid for 2014 bi-annual ISME Symposium

Eventsforce, the UK’s leading supplier of event management software, today announces that it has been re-appointed as the platform of choice to support The 2014 International Society for Microbial Ecology (ISME) symposium following successful delivery of a range of event management software tools to support the previous 2012 event.

‘ISME 15’, which will be held in Seoul from 24-29 August for an estimated 1,700 delegates, will utilise the Eventsforce’s Abstracts module, managing a large program of over 2,000 abstracts. This follows the 2012 symposium in Copenhagen, which also successfully used the Eventsforce event management system to manage a range of event registration and communication requirements for some 2,215 delegates.

George Sirius, CEO of Eventsforce, comments: “It is always great to hear that a client has held successful events using the Eventsforce system and taken the decision to continue the relationship. The ISME symposia are large events catering for high numbers of delegates, meaning that the Eventsforce management software can be used to its full potential to not only manage the event itself but also accumulate the resulting data.

“We’re looking forward to working on the 2014 symposium and developing our relationship with ISME further.”

Sarash de Wilde, Head of ISME Office, adds: “We strive to collaborate with young and enthusiastic companies who are not merely serving our needs but are open to ideas from our side as well. Consequently, we improve processes fit for our specific events and even better: we innovate on both sides as well. That little bit of extra effort, given by companies like Eventsforce, is often the key ingredient for a successful business relationship.”

The International Society for Microbial Ecology is the principle non-profit scientific society for the field of Microbial Ecology and its related disciplines. The ISME symposia, organised every two years, are the largest international meetings that address the wide range of topics in Microbial Ecology.