Eventsforce launch new eBook to help event professionals pick the perfect event technology partner

Eventsforce has launched a new eBook offering practical tips and recommendations to event professionals needing to choose an event technology partner. The eBook, ‘Driving Maximum Value from Your Event Technology Purchase’, examines the critical metrics needed to make a decision, covers the questions to ask and the answers to expect, and breaks down the whole process into clearly understandable and manageable steps.

With a strong emphasis on being a long-term technology partner rather than just a technology supplier, Eventsforce identified that the process of choosing an event technology partner was often overly complicated, with the key selection criteria often being overlooked or clouded by marketing messaging. The eBook was written to bring the focus back onto the issues that matter, that being key areas such as supporting customer success, delivering effective onboarding and training, offering comprehensive support, and effective problem resolution.

Eventsforce CEO, George Sirius, is very clear in what the eBook aims to do, “At Eventsforce we have a genuine passion for helping event professionals make the most of their event technology investment. A large part of this is selecting the right technology partner. Avoiding mistakes at this early stage will help to significantly reduce the number of problems faced further down the line. We wanted to give hard-working event professionals a practical guide to help them pick the right technology partner for their particular needs and requirements. It’s about supporting them and the events industry as a whole and we felt that the new eBook was able to make an important contribution towards this.”

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