Eventsforce Helps Organisers Move Their Events Online

Eventsforce_virtual events

London, UK – 2nd April 2020 – Eventsforce has added new functionality to its suite of enterprise event management tools to support organisations making a move to virtual events. The new offering will allow organisers to deliver their event content and sessions online, as well as help them engage with audiences in the same way they would for their in-person events.

“Our industry is facing an unprecedented time of risk and uncertainty – and yet it’s been remarkable to see how event professionals around the world are coming together, sharing ideas and supporting one another in a remarkable show of unity. Many are also now exploring new ways of engaging with their communities and running their events online. Association members, for example, rely on events for their professional development and moving this education online is one way of addressing their needs,” said George Sirius, CEO of Eventsforce.

“Instead of cancelling or postponing events, we can help organisers move their sessions online so that they can continue to support their stakeholders and wider communities. We’re also making things easier for remote attendees too – with tools that help them connect and learn in new ways.”

Initial findings from a new Eventsforce research study shows that 44% of organisers are currently considering a move to virtual events with more than 1 in 3 looking at hosting scaled-down versions of their existing events.  The integrated system from Eventsforce allows organisers to move their sessions online using popular video-streaming and webcasting tools like Zoom and YouTube Live, while managing all their registrations and delegate payments at the same time.

Virtual attendees can watch streamed sessions on any device and use tools like live Q&As, surveys and polls to ask speakers questions, share feedback and download presentations.  They can also see other attendees and message one another – or use the virtual breakout areas to discuss what was presented and make valuable new connections.

“As well as driving attendance and engagement, moving event content online can present a good opportunity for organisations to create new relationships with their sponsors, as well as potentially increase their income.  Sponsors can now look at these live-streamed sessions as a chance to engage with audiences remotely.  Even afterwards, they can sponsor recorded sessions and get a better return on their investment over time,” continue Sirius.

The Eventsforce system also helps with data management.  Organisers can track attendance of their virtual sessions and manage CPD accreditations a lot more effectively. Real-time insight on key metrics like registrations, attendance and session popularity can help in measuring performance and making more informed decisions. The solution also ensures that organisers can manage all their virtual and in-person event data in one place.

Eventsforce is currently running a research study with event planners investigating the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on meetings and events. The results will be announced in two weeks.

For more information on how Eventsforce can help with your online events, please click here or get in touch for a chat.