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The Event Planner’s Guide to Personalisation

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Personalisation is one of the hottest trends in the events industry as attendees increasingly expect both the communication of the event and the live experience to be tailored to them in some way.  In fact, research has found that personalisation is now a top priority for 3 in 4 event planners, with 96% doing some form of personalisation in an effort to engage attendees and build loyalty.

So what are the best ways we can effectively personalise attendee experiences? How much of it should we do?  And more importantly, how do we measure the results?

What does the eBook cover?

Get answers to these fundamental questions, as well as insight on the current state of personalisation in the events industry from a recent research study with 150+ event planners:

  • Why personalisation helps long-term event success
  • The importance of your attendee data: what to collect + how to use it
  • Ask the Experts: How much personalisation should we do?
  • 8 simple ways to use event tech for personalisation
  • 7 key considerations for personalisation success!

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