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Research Report: The Changing Role of Your Event Data

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A new 2021 research study shows that the role of data is changing in our industry.  The dramatic shift to virtual events has meant organizers (46%) are collecting more data today than ever before.  Sponsors and exhibitors want more data to justify ROI. Attendees also are getting a lot more concerned about what data they share online.

More interestingly, research results show that the rise of hybrid is putting data management back on the priority lists for 82% of event planners this year.  So what can organizers do?

This report looks at the findings from the ‘Changing Role of Event Data’ research study, which was conducted with 200+ event planners in May 2021 and answers some key questions, including:
  • What are the biggest challenges in managing data from virtual events?
  • How is this data most effectively being used by organisers?
  • Why is data management becoming more important with hybrid events? 
  • What steps are organisers taking to improve their data strategy this year?
  • How can data help events stand out in a post-Covid world?

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