Top Strategies to Motivate Attendee Interaction and Boost Engagement

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Zerista has moved! We are now part of leading event management software company, Eventsforce – after its recent acquisition by Simpleview. Our powerful event management platform (including registration, invitations, abstract and speaker management) is now available fully integrated with existing Zerista tools and mobile apps.

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Top Strategies to Motivate Attendee Interaction and Boost Engagement

Your event app is a great way to get your attendees to interact with your event. The more your attendees engage, the better their event experience will be. Read on for strategies event planners can use to encourage attendees to interact to improve engagement at your next conference, hosted buyer event, or trade show!


The first place to start is to get the word out about your event app. Don’t forget to promote your app via the more traditional materials you share with your attendees: paper brochures and guides, PDFs, tickets, and registration documents can all be used to remind attendees about the app.

To encourage app adoption be clear about the benefits. Point out that the app will help with things like faster check-ins, interactive maps, special offers, networking, and other calls to action. Zerista, our industry-leading event app, lets attendees learn about your event, review upcoming sessions, create an agenda, set up meetings, and more, before the event even starts. Attendees can also message and interact with other attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors. The more you promote the app and tout its benefits, the more likely your attendees will be to download and use it.


Try to create experiences that attendees can only access via the event app. Leveraging valuable content and exclusive experiences can only work in your favor when it comes to app adoption and interaction. For example, you could encourage your most popular speakers to interact with the audience only via the app. Another way to provide value is to use Zerista’s in-app Q&A and live-polling features. Requiring that attendees use the app to ask questions and participate during sessions is a great way to promote app use and audience engagement at the same time.


By the end of your event, your attendees should be familiar with and used to using the event app. What can an event organizer do after the event to keep attendees engaged and attending future events and conferences? Send a ‘thank you’ message to all attendees via the app, a day or two after the event ends. You’ll show your appreciation for their involvement and encourage them to keep using the app.

Got another event or conference coming up? Continue promoting your post-events, training sessions, and other programming in-app. You might even consider including a discount or promo code for app users.

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