INFOGRAPHIC: The Value of Event Data for Associations

Events are so important when it comes to the services an association offers it members. Not only do they provide the educational and networking opportunities their members want, but they are also a fundamental source of income for these organisations – and a great way of acquiring new members too!

The data collected from these events is incredibly valuable. But with GDPR now in place, associations need to become even savvier in deciding what kind of data they collect from events, how this data is used and how it will bring value to their organisations. Data management is no longer just an IT issue – it sits at the heart of an association’s success and its ability to acquire members and grow.

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Last month, Eventsforce conducted a research study with 80+ event professionals who work for major associations in the US and UK to see what kind of event data brings the most value to their organisations and how they’re using it for success and growth.

Have a look at some of the key findings from the ‘The Value of Event Data for Associations and Membership Organisations’ research study:

  • 4 in 5 associations mark events as a key aspect of their membership growth strategy – more than 1 in 2 see events as VERY important
  • Majority of associations see registration systems and online surveys as the most effective data collection tools for their events
  • Feedback from attendees/exhibitors/sponsors seen as the most effective way of measuring event success – only 26% measure success with new memberships
  • 80% of associations say data management and data security around their events is a MUCH bigger priority after GDPR
  • Managing event data is a challenge for 88% of associations – more than 1 in 2 complain that their data is spread across so many different systems

For a more comprehensive look at the results of the ‘The Value of Event Data for Associations and Membership Organisations’ research study, please have a look at the infographic below:


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