Eventsforce Attendance

Speed Up Check-In & Attendance Recording

Offer your attendees a quick and easy way to check-in to events and sessions using the Eventsforce Attendance mobile app. Say goodbye to desks and laptops and use iPhones/iPads to quickly mark off attendees on registration lists with easy-to-navigate search and swipe tools and an integrated barcode/QR code scanner.

Better Attendee Management

Make informative decisions by having access to important real-time attendee information – from their category (VIP, speaker, attendee) and payment status to whether or not they have attended a session. Knowing exactly who is at your event can also help with managing CPD accreditation and issuing certificates of attendance.

Deal with Accurate Data

The app is fully integrated with your event’s registration solution, which means any new registration data is automatically updated in the app – even your walk-ins. This ensures your staff recording attendance outside session rooms have access to the latest registration lists at all times.

Save Valuable Time

Automatic updates between the app and your registration system ensures that you have access to important information at the touch of a button – regardless of where you are at the event. So, you’ll no longer need to waste any time logging into your back-end systems on-site to see if an attendee has made his payments or has access to VIP privileges.

Improve Data Security

Full integration with your registration system means all your data is stored securely in one place – eliminating the need for data transfers from other attendance-recording tools like barcode scanners. You no longer need to use paper lists too which significantly cuts down the risk of valuable attendee data getting into the wrong hands. You can also use the app to control which of your on-site staff has access to attendee data on the day of your event

Measure Event ROI

Use the app to get up-to-date insight on how your event or sessions are doing in terms of registrations, attendance and room capacity. Use the app to get better understanding on key performance metrics, including registrations vs. actual attendance, no shows, as well as which of your sessions were most popular.

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