Eventsforce Check-in Solution

An on-site solution designed to reduce check-in time and improve the attendee experience

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Speed Up Event Check-In

A smooth check-in experience can have a big impact on first impressions. Cut down registration queues and provide a more efficient way for you to print and scan attendee badges on-site.   Use self-service kiosk systems that allow your attendees to check-in to an event in a matter of seconds through a simple name search or QR code scan.

Improve Productivity - Registration System

Badges can be designed and customised easily for each event, while the use of self-service kiosks will reduce your need for on-site staff. Eliminate waste and print all your badges on-demand as attendees arrive to the event. Full integration with our registration system also ensures all your attendees (including walk-ins) will be able to check-in without any problems.

Save Valuable Time - Event App

Set up your kiosk systems in no time – simply download the app, select your event and the system will pull through all your registration data in a matter of seconds. All your hardware rental requirements, including iPads, stand holders and wireless printers are supported through our partner, ITR Events.

Measure Event ROI - Registration vs Attendance

Use the Eventsforce Kiosk analytics tool to get a live overview of who has checked-in to your event and who hasn’t.  Compare registrations vs. actual attendance and segment by attendee type to make more informed decisions and measure event success. Share all this real-time information with key stakeholders and management teams.

Improve Data Management

Use an integrated solution instead of dealing with different technology suppliers for registrations and check-in. Eliminate the need for manual data transfers between systems, saving you time and reducing errors. It also means all your attendee data can be managed securely through one centralised event management platform.

Meet GDPR Requirements

The self-service kiosks remove the need for having printed delegate badges on registration desks, while having an integrated system ensures all your attendee data is stored safely in one place.  You can also easily secure any access to the data on the systems – so if an iPad is lost or misplaced, you can remotely stop access to minimise the risk of breach.

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