Eventsforce and Haymarket

Haymarket Events is part of the Haymarket Media Group, which is one of the largest privately-owned media and publishing companies in the UK. The organisation runs more than 120 events each year gathering over 20,000 attendees – from award ceremonies and gala dinners through to breakfast briefings and large-scale conferences.

Challenge: Haymarket processes a high volume of payment transactions around its events. As such, having the ability to track funds was a top priority for the events team – yet the system they had in place was inefficient and didn’t give the events team the real-time insight they needed.  Each night, a list of payment transactions that had taken place within their Eventsforce event management system would be sent to the company’s accounting system via file transfer. The data flow between the two systems was only one-way, which meant the events team didn’t know when the finance team issued invoices and when payments were received.  As a result, a lot of time was wasted chasing the finance department for the latest updates.  The daily file transfer also meant that there was also a delay in the time it took the accounts team to process payment transactions after attendees had completed their registrations.

Solution: Haymarket decided to address the issue by integrating the Eventsforce solution with the Agresso financial management system. Each time an attendee completes their registration form or submits an award entry, their financial information is automatically sent to Agresso.  Prior to the integration, invoices were sent out by the finance team, which would often be delayed at busy times.  However, once the integration was live, the events team were able to take control of the entire invoicing process, taking pressure away from the finance team. Invoices are now generated by Eventsforce and sent out as part of the booking/purchase confirmation email. The events team can chase outstanding payments before the event start date with ease, using Eventsforce to pull an up-to-date report on all unpaid invoices that are overdue and chase them through one quick email.  As a result, Haymarket events can now kick off with very few outstanding payments.

“We process a lot of payments around our events – we have over 10,0000 award entries, conference registrations and forum applications each year. So having an overview of all of our paid-for events is critical to our cash flow and to our customer service team’s workload. The integration between our event management solution and our finance package has given us this visibility we need and has really helped us reduce administrative work around managing attendee payments.”

Carla Jones, Head of Event Operations & Client Services, Haymarket Events

Why Eventsforce?

  • Over 10,000 award entries managed by Eventsforce
  • 120+ events each year gathering over 20,000 attendees
  • Eventsforce integration with Agresso Financial Management System
  • Invoices sent as part of booking/purchase confirmation email
  • Real-time insight on all unpaid invoices that are overdue
  • Significant cuts in admin work around managing attendee payments
  • Integration critical to Haymarket’s cash flow and customer service team workload

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