Eventsforce VCD - FAQs

Choosing a solution to run your virtual and hybrid events is not easy. Whether you’re hosting online sessions or a full-scale digital conference, there will always be important questions you need answers to. If you’re considering the Eventsforce VCD virtual event platform, you’ll find below answers to the most common questions we get asked by those looking to invest.

Virtual Events Overview

Q: What is a Virtual Event?


A: Virtual events are held online and allow people to interact online in a virtual environment rather than face-to-face in a physical location. Virtual events are all different, just like in-person events, and can range from simple online sessions to full-scale immersive digital experiences.


Q: Why are virtual events important?


A: Virtual events have always been an important and cost-effective way of reaching people unable or unwilling to travel to a physical location. Now with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, government advice across the globe is restricting movement and travel, leaving many in-person events cancelled or postponed. The virtual event offers event planners a solution to this. 


Q: What part do virtual events play in my event planning?


A: Many planners run events to satisfy core business requirements such as product launches, lead generation and to maintain good relations with their clients. These needs haven’t gone away and virtual events are here to bring people together when it may not be possible to do so in a physical location, or in the case of hybrid events, to bring the two realities together to give attendees as much choice as possible on how to take part.


Eventsforce VCD - Product Overview

Q: If I’m going to invest in a virtual event, I need to make sure people turn up! How do I use the tech to make the right first impressions?


A: Eventsforce VCD allows event planners to make the best possible first impressions! Use easy to navigate virtual platforms to promote your virtual event. Engage people with personalised invites, registration forms, agendas and prices based on attendee types defined by you, and keep them updated by managing invites, confirmation emails and follow-ups with targeted attendees.


Q: Creating and managing agendas is a real challenge for me. Can Eventsforce VCD help?


A: Use intelligent programme management tools to create, update and publish agendas on registration forms, the VCD platform + other websites. Eventsforce VCD makes it easier for your attendees to choose sessions that are of interest to them. Full integration with Eventsforce Abstracts allows you to simplify the entire process of managing abstracts/call for papers, and allows attendees to view abstracts within each session, including supporting docs + abstract posters.


Q: I’m finding it difficult to show value to my online sponsors and exhibitors. Is there a way around this?


A: Yes, there are many ways Eventsforce VCD can help with this. Targeted sponsor ad placements and branding opportunities are available across your virtual event. Sponsors/exhibitors can also create and manage their own branded profile pages with product videos, demos, collateral, staff profiles etc, and can use smart matchmaking, filtering and lead capture to connect with the right people. They can do video calls on the platform too, which is ideal for meetings, product demos and dealing with enquiries.


Q: Virtual events lack face-to-face engagement. How do I keep my delegates focused and attentive?


A: Let Eventsforce VCD help you connect people and create real conversations through integrated 1:1 and group video meetings, real-time chat and private messaging. Find the right people and companies to connect with via searchable directories, and use powerful matchmaking tools that recommend attendees, sponsors and exhibitors to each other based on their unique interests and objectives.


Key Functionality

Q: I’m worried that my online attendees will be distracted during my event. How do I keep them focused?


A: Eventsforce VCD allows planners to recommend keynotes, sessions, and contacts, and offer them, alongside personalised agendas, live sessions and enhanced learning experiences via audience Q&As, in-session polls, note-taking and downloadable handouts. Need social streams? We have those to!


Q: A key reason people will attend my event is networking. How do I make sure I don’t disappoint my attendees with regards to this?


A: Use Eventsforce VCD to offer integrated 1:1 and group video meetings, real-time chat and private messaging. You can also create a searchable directory of your attendees so people can quickly find the right people and companies to connect with.


Q: I need to help my sponsors and exhibitors see value in my event and meet their event objectives. Can Eventsforce VCD help me do this?


A: It certainly can! We can help your sponsors and exhibitors increase revenue by giving them sponsor ad placements and branding opportunities across your virtual event. We enable them to create and manage their own branded profile pages with product videos, demos, collateral and staff profiles. Smart matchmaking and filtering also helps them find the right people to connect with.



Q: I’m not sure how many virtual events I’m going to be running this year. Do I still have to pay for an annual license?


A: Eventsforce VCD is available on an annual license. We recognise that everyone has different licensing requirements so we offer flexible single event packages with annual access which you can scale-up to add extra events, simply and conveniently. 


Q: Does the price per event reduce if I sign up for multiple events at once?


A: Yes, we’re always happy to discuss your requirements and offer you the very best possible pricing packages. We can be flexible according to your needs. 


Q: Does the price vary according to how many people register?


A: Yes, our flexible pricing can be tailored for events of all sizes and integration requirements.



Q: Moving forward, my event portfolio mixes virtual and in-person events. Do you support a more hybrid approach?


A: We offer one platform for simultaneous mobile and desktop delivery, using the same data set – great for hybrid events! We’re doing some other cool stuff too to support the in-person experience of hybrid events – so watch this space!


Q: The success of my events relies heavily on the effective management of abstracts / call for papers. Is there a solution for this?


A: Eventsforce Virtual Content Delivery (VCD) integrates fully with Eventsforce Abstracts to publish agendas automatically on registration forms, the VCD platform + other websites. Combine registration and abstract management, live content delivery, networking and the ability to build lasting relationships with your delegates online.


Q:  I can’t waste time entering data multiple times and risk data errors moving data between multiple systems. What are my options?


A: Through Eventsforce VCD you can manage all your virtual, hybrid and live in-person event data on one platform, and gain insight on key metrics such as registrations, attendance, attendee engagement, session popularity and more. 

Integration with Eventsforce Registration allows you to send invitations, set up agendas, personalise registrations and manage online payments. Integration with Eventsforce Abstracts helps automate the entire process of submitting, reviewing and publishing abstracts/call for papers on agendas + VCD content hub.



Q: If I need some help or advice, what sort of support options do you offer?


A: Eventsforce offers an in-house dedicated support desk which continues to smash the global industry average for solutions support each year. Our friendly team of skilled specialists will help you with any technical query or talk you through any process to ensure your events are running smoothly at all times. Help is always at hand, whether you choose to call or email the team, or connect via our online chat. 


Q: Where is your support team based?


A: We currently have support teams based in the UK and the USA.


Getting Started

Q: Like in-person events, every virtual or hybrid event is different. How will Eventsforce make sure the unique requirements of my event are catered for?


A: Our onboarding team works closely with your events team, agrees on your event objectives and business goals and makes sure that your Eventsforce VCD solution is set up to accurately reflect and support your requirements. They’ll make sure that your software does exactly what you need it to do, discuss how everything should look and work, and help you decide on options, customisations and functionality.


Q: Will I have to build my own virtual event?


A: Our team of virtual event specialists will build your event for you according to your own specifications, requirements and branding guidelines. They’ll then work with you to give you the tools and knowledge to run your event moving forward.


Q: What is your approach to training and what training options are available?


A: You’ll benefit from a training programme created specifically for your tailored Eventsforce solution. Your Eventsforce trainer will take you and your team through a structured course that will help everyone understand how the system can be used in the context of their individual work objectives. Additional bespoke training can be requested at any time.



Q: How is Eventsforce VCD different from competitor solution?


A: Eventsforce VCD isn’t ‘just’ a virtual events platform. It is fully integrated with Eventsforce Registration and Eventsforce Abstracts. It helps event planners create the online experiences their attendees want with personalised registration and agenda management plus recommendations on sessions. It also connects exhibitors and attendees through intelligent tag matching, and builds engagement through polls, surveys and Q&As.

Event planners can engage their sponsors and exhibitors by allowing them to manage their own profiles and content, build brand visibility and maximise ad campaigns and revenue generation through targeted ads across the virtual site.  


Q: Do I need to be a tech guru to use Eventsforce VCD?


A: No. Eventsforce VCD is used by Event Managers and designed to be used by Event Managers. It’s simple and intuitive, and your onboarding and training will cover all your requirements.


Q: Can I get a demo?


A: Sure. Your live VCD demo will be more than just a general overview of our solution. Each one is bespoke and tailored to your specific requirements. It’s your opportunity to learn how Eventsforce VCD can help you meet your organisational goals, to see how it works, and to ask any questions. No obligations, online or in person – we’re here to help you and make sure your virtual events succeed.