Groups & Ticketing - Client Q&A


What is Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing?

Groups & Ticketing is a next-generation registration and ticketing platform designed  to maximize revenue and make group bookings effortless.  It provides group bookers with unparalleled features to manage their group registrations while offering event planners a fast, modern and extremely easy to use platform to promote events, sell tickets and manage their virtual and on-site attendees.

What are the key benefits and features of Groups & Ticketing?


1) Use Next-Generation Group Booking Tools

  • Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing is the only registration and ticketing tool that allows organisers to secure group bookings and payment BEFORE collecting individual registration details.
  • Group bookers can directly invite individual members to complete their own registrations and agendas at a click of a button.
  • Give bookers more control – assign group members to sessions, amend registrations, track incomplete forms and buy other ticketed items.

2) Superior Registration Experience

  • Offer attendees a quick and easy way to sign up to virtual, in-person and hybrid events – use modern, one-click forms that look great on mobile!
  • Personalize experiences and create different invitations, registration journeys, agendas and pricing for different types of attendees.
  • Streamline the whole attendee experience across virtual, hybrid and in-person events – Groups & Ticketing works seamlessly with Eventsforce apps, the VCD virtual event platform and on-site check-in tools.

3) Sell More Tickets with Groups & Ticketing

  • Launch events quickly – Groups & Ticketing has a quick and simple set-up process that allows you to sell tickets in minutes.
  • Build beautiful event websites or set up registration and ticketing on other websites – you decide.
  • Create as many packages and ticketed items as you like – change prices, discounts and availability in minutes to increase conversions and meet demand.
  • Access real-time information to keep all your events on track, including website visits, registrations, attendance, revenue, year-on-year comparisons and more.


Is Groups & Ticketing available to all Eventsforce Registration clients?

Yes. Groups & Ticketing is available to any client with an existing Eventsforce licence.

What is the difference between Eventsforce Registration and Groups & Ticketing?

The groups & ticketing solution is built on the next-generation of the Eventsforce event management platform, designed to help event organizers sell tickets quickly and increase revenue from group bookings. It includes a new website CMS and advanced registration page technology.

Not all of the tools available in Eventsforce Registration are yet available in Groups & Ticketing (although more are being added all the time!). Eventsforce registration continues to offer you all the enterprise tools and features you are used to on your existing account.

Can I migrate my existing account to a Groups & Ticketing account?

No. The release of Groups & Ticketing has no impact on any events you have created or have live on your account currently. Any new events setup using the Groups & Ticketing tools will run seamlessly alongside your existing events on your account.

How will it affect my existing Eventsforce account if I use Groups & Ticketing?

Any new events setup using the Groups & Ticketing tools will run seamlessly alongside your existing events on your account.

Will all my event data be collected in the same place if I use both products?

Yes. Data across all of your events will still be collected in your central Eventsforce account.

However we would recommend testing ALL of your existing reports and any integrations you may have running before going live with an event using Groups & Ticketing as some of the data structure may be slightly different. Our support team are available should you need any further assistance on this.

Will my existing integrations still work with Groups & Ticketing?

Groups & Ticketing uses the same API as your existing event setup. However, we would recommend testing any existing integrations before going live with an event when using Groups & Ticketing as some of the data structure may be slightly different. Our support team are available should you need any further assistance on this.

What payment gateways are available with Groups & Ticketing?

Currently the groups & ticketing platform is available with the Stripe payment gateway fully integrated. Other payment gateway integrations can be discussed with your Account Manager

Can I integrate Groups and Ticketing with my existing tech stack?

Yes, Groups and Ticketing can easily be integrated with your existing tools through the Zapier platform*. Zapier allows users to integrate data across their business systems without needing to develop time consuming and often costly custom integrations. Any event using the new Groups & Ticketing tool is available through the Eventsforce Zapier App, which allows you to connect your event and attendee data with thousands of popular apps and platforms.  You can find more information on Zapier integrations here.

*Note that a separate Zapier licence is required. 

How can I set up an account in Groups & Ticketing?

The new tools can be added to your sandbox or live Eventsforce account at any time by contacting your Account Manager. You may want to consider adding the tools to your Sandbox account first before releasing to all of your system users on your live account. 

Do I have to pay extra to use Groups & Ticketing with my existing account?

No. Your feedback on these new tools is vital to us and we are pleased to offer all the features in this platform at no additional cost at the current time until the end of your existing license period. Please note that the usual registration usage costs will still apply, in line with your current licence agreement. 

Can I control what users have access to Groups & Ticketing tools?

Yes. New user roles have been created to control who can access events created using Groups & Ticketing vs your existing events. This gives you full control on when you release Groups & Ticketing to your team.