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White Paper: How Planners Are Reacting to an Uncertain Year

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Despite the seemingly never-ending challenges facing the events industry over the last few years, planners have shown that they are no longer simply reacting to roadblocks as and when they occur, but anticipating onward challenges with a steely pragmatism that is emblematic of a true and deep commitment to  their industry.

Commissioned by Eventsforce in the autumn of 2022, the results of our survey —The View of the 2023 Planner — offer up a sense of what really matters to planning professionals on both sides of the Atlantic as they prepared their plans for this year.


  • The key areas of concern for planners
  • Money, costings, and thinly-stretched budgets
  • Favoured marketing channels in the digital sphere
  • Sustainability: that must-have, yet elusive element
  • The all-important ROI
  • What the future may hold