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The Event Planner’s Guide to GDPR – Data Security

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“Hackers are becoming more numerous and sophisticated and I think event planners in many cases, are not doing enough.” – Corbin Ball, CSP, DES, MS, Meetings Technology Speaker, Consultant and Writer


As an event planner, you will know how important GDPR has been in raising the issue of data security.  In fact, a 2018 industry found that more than 75% of event planners believe that the safekeeping of their attendee data will be a much bigger priority for them because of GDPR.

But are event planners doing enough to protect the personal information of attendees and what are the things they need to STOP doing to minimise the risks of breach?

What Does the eBook Cover?

This eBook is NOT about firewalls, encryption or anti-virus software. Instead, it offers event planners research-backed insight into the kind of things they do that can put their organisations at serious risk of a data breach – from sharing system passwords and printing delegate lists to device theft and using spreadsheets. Learn how to address the top data security vulnerability areas around events and find out what you need to do if your attendee data ends up lost, stolen or compromised.

“Meeting and event planners, managers and their management would benefit from reading this latest eBook from Eventsforce.” – Kevin Iwamoto, Senior Vice President, GoldSpring Consulting LLC

You'll learn:

  • What event planners need to know about GDPR and data security
  • 8 bad data security habits event planners should QUIT
  • Questions to ask event tech suppliers about data security
  • How event planners can prepare for a data breach
  • Data security checklists for planners and team members

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