Eventsforce and The Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats (Lib Dems) are a political party in the UK that has more than 60,000 members.  Each year, the organisation hosts two party conferences which gather over 5,000 attendees, which include party members, lobbyists, business people and media.

Challenge: When the Lib Dems came into government in 2010, it promoted a major change in the security requirements around its party conferences.  Home Office regulations required all attendees to be fully vetted by the UK Police National Accreditation Team (NAT) before receiving clearance to attend the event.  This meant incorporating a new accreditation system as part of the online registration process and the only way of doing this effectively was to integrate its Eventsforce event management system with the UK Police NAT database.

Solution: The planning stage of this large-scale integration project was key.  The Lib Dem conference team and Eventsforce had to work closely with the UK police accreditation team to agree on new workflows and the kind of attendee data they needed to collect to comply with the new accreditation requirements.  This included things like photos, passport details and previous home addresses – all of which would help the NAT team verify the identity of attendees and approve their accreditation.

Once an attendee submits their completed registration forms, the data is automatically pushed to the NAT database where the team reviews and processes the accreditation.  The information is passed back to the event management system, which triggers an automatic email to the attendee informing them that their accreditation has been approved or if there is a query regarding their application. The data flows in both directions across the two systems, allowing the Lib Dem conference team to see the status of each application within Eventsforce.

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