Eventsforce and Santander

“The Eventsforce onboarding team evaluated our situation and proposed a solution that made the entire process of event planning a whole lot easier. Tasks that were so time-consuming in the past – such as setting up registration forms, emailing invitations and managing delegate lists – are now extremely simple to do. It has improved our delegate experience with informative websites and user-friendly registration forms.”

Caroline Callaghan, Senior Events Manager, Corporate Affairs & Marketing, Santander

Santander UK is a leading banking institution and one of the largest providers of mortgages and savings in Britain. The bank’s corporate affairs and marketing team is in charge of organising more than 50 meetings and seminars that attract over 9,000 attendees across different operational departments each year.

Challenge: Santander had relied on a manual system for managing the registration of delegates attending its events. The marketing team would spend hours on creating registration forms and manipulating delegate spreadsheets. The process was not very efficient and managing a number of databases across different departments was an arduous and error-prone task. Santander decided to invest in the Eventsforce event management solution that would not only address these challenges, but tie together all the company’s event marketing, registration and reporting processes to one centralised platform.

Solution:  Using its own website Content Management System (CMS), Eventsforce makes it possible for Santander to launch event sites with full registration capabilities within a few hours. The system has streamlined the whole event invitation process, from creating custom templates to sending emails and managing delegate lists. All attendee information is saved into the Eventsforce database, which the events team can access to see how many people have registered for an event or what stage of the registration they are at. Additionally, Eventsforce reporting tools give Santander valuable insight on delegate profiles and session attendance which can also help in their future planning.

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