Eventsforce and No5 Chambers

No5 Chambers is one of the largest set of barristers’ chambers in the UK with over 240 members providing advice and representation across the full spectrum of the law. Each year, the company hosts over 70 conferences and seminars in all aspects of the law presented by No5’s barristers an other professional organisations such as accountants and insurance companies.

Challenge: No5 Chambers was using a manual process for managing the registration process of delegates attending its events. The system involved tracking data using simple spreadsheets, with no real functionality for managing attendees. Reporting was basic with constant data transfers manually taking place between different departments and programmes. These challenges, along with the demands of a growing events portfolio, triggered the company to invest in a new end-to-end events management system.

Solution: The Eventsforce solution takes care of every aspect of the event lifecycle – from planning, web marketing and registration to post-event analysis and reporting. No5 Chambers can now send email invitations to delegates which automatically link them to registration forms branded event websites. The system is integrated with the Worldpay gateway, which allows attendees to make secure payments using their credit cards. All the delegate information is stored in Eventsforce, which is easily accessible and help the events team pull a number of reports on attendance, revenue and delegate profiles.

“Eventsforce has made it a lot quicker for us to launch and market our events through easy to use, multifunctional software. Their onboarding team made sure that most of the registration form functions and reporting tools could be customised by our own team – giving us complete control on how we want to run our events. The system also ensures that all our event data is secure, accurate and updated in real time. This helps us reduce work duplication and focus our efforts on delivering quality events for the legal community.”

Stephanie Lawrence, Marketing Manager, No5 Chambers

Why Eventsforce?

  • 12% increase in number of events after one year with Eventsforce
  • 4,000 + registrations each year
  • Over 900 hours saved in manually processing event bookings and invoicing in one year
  • Integration with Worldpay payment gateway
  • Reporting tools provide insight on event revenue and attendance vs. registrations

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