Eventsforce and DMSi

Distribution Management Systems, Inc. (DMSi) is a leading ERP software company serving the U.S. building materials industry. The company hosts its biennial PartnerConnect event, which gathers around 400 customers to Omaha, Nebraska, for an opportunity to network and learn about its latest solutions.

Challenge: DMSi had been using a native event management app from Salesforce to process registrations for PartnerConnect. The system, however, didn’t provide the tools the company required to manage the complex schedule of 11 simultaneous rooms offering a variety of classes each day.  They had over 100 sessions to choose from.  The calendar function was basic, making it both difficult and time consuming to create agendas or make changes to delegate schedules. With limited reporting functionality, the system also didn’t provide the events team the real-time insight they needed to determine event success.

Solution: DMSi decided to invest in a new web-based event management solution from Eventsforce. The system uses its own Content Management System (CMS) which allows the company to quickly create custom branded event sites and registration forms. Attendees can use the site to fill in their registration details, choose the classes they want to attend and make payments using PayPal. Any changes to their schedules can be made directly by logging back into the system, instead of contacting a member of the DMSi team.  All registration information is then collated in automated reports, which can help assess attendance levels for each session and compare invoices to billings.

“Eventsforce is a comprehensive event management solution that has simplified a lot of scheduling tasks for us. It helps us detect timing clashes when assigning rooms for each session. It also allows us to make changes to attendee schedules and send them real-time updates via email. By saving considerable time, we are able to focus our efforts on other aspects of planning and running the event. Moreover, the software is very user friendly with excellent reporting tools that help us determine important performance metrics, including attendance, session popularity and revenue.”

Liz Langan, Manager, Marketing and Communications, DMSi

Why Eventsforce?

  • 24% increase in registrations after one year with Eventsforce
  • 7 minutes saved in administration work making schedule changes for each delegate
  • 40 hours saved in creating event agenda and managing room assignments
  • Seamless integration with PayPal payment gateway
  • Reporting tools provide insight on event revenue, session selections & attendance

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