Eventsforce and Allianz Insurance Plc

Allianz Insurance is one of the largest general insurers in the UK and part of the Allianz SE Group – a leading global financial services company. The organisation runs hundreds of events across the country, including conferences, awards, product launches and other team building events.

Challenge: The events team at Allianz were reliant on a delegate registration system that was both time consuming and difficult to use. Each time the company wanted to make any changes to form templates meant hours of planning and technical support.  There was no Content Management System (CMS) for creating customised event websites, making it difficult to incorporate branding or copy layouts from one event to the other. The system also created duplicated entries in the delegate database – making it inefficient and unreliable – with basic reporting functions that did little to effectively measure event success.

Solution: Eventsforce’s onboarding team helped Allianz identify its event objectives and tailor a solution that would meet its specific needs.  Eventsforce has its own CMS which helps the company create branded customised event websites in a fraction of the time. With advanced functionality and a user-friendly interface, the system also makes it easier to manage the entire email invitation process across different events. All delegate information is automatically stored in Eventsforce, which ensures data is kept accurate and up to date.  Allianz can then use this information to pull valuable reports on attendance and cross-event delegate history.

“Eventsforce understood what we wanted and provided a solution that makes it a lot easier for us to market our events and for attendees to register. With added reporting tools, we are able to use the system to create useful lists that help us allocate tasks and make important performance assessments between different events. The software is intuitive and has a large scope of integration capabilities which will allow us to introduce interactive mobile apps for our events in the future.”

Charley Jennings, Corporate Events Officer, Allianz Insurance

Why Eventsforce?

  • 525 hours saved in creating new event website since 2012
  • Easy-to-use customised and branded website templates
  • Real-time access to accurate event data; reduce errors & duplications
  • Reporting tools provide insight on delegate history and event success

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