Why Event Management Software Can do Wonders to Your Marketing Efforts

shutterstock_25045207Marketers are often overwhelmed by the myriad of technologies they can choose from in order to best perform their roles. Often, these technologies themselves are marketed as “magic bullets” meant to instantly increase productivity, increase leads, and ultimately, increase sales. However, whether a technology can accomplish these goals depends not only on the technology but how it’s used by your marketing team, educational team, and leadership.

Why Augment Your Marketing Activities with an Event Management System (EMS)?

Marketing in and of itself is an involved and complicated activity. When executed properly, it’s fingerprints can be seen at every step of the event planning process. From the website to the email campaign, the marketing strategy’s influence is always heavily integrated which means that every one of these aspects must be monitored and tracked. An enterprise-level event management system provides benefits for members of your marketing team by saving time, keeping things organised, and assisting in the collection and application of user data.


Event management systems provide a variety of integrations which allow the software to serve as a base camp for marketing activities. Tools such as branded websites, email campaigns, and referral systems (all of which can be used in addition to your social media and print marketing) serve as promotional arms of an overall campaign, drawing potential attendees in. Every good marketer knows the value of a well-designed and well-written landing page in converting an interested party into a fully registered and excited attendee. Event management software provides users with templates and an interface with which your team can customise and perfect your event’s website and registration pages.

The added feature of being able to brand your digital promotions simplifies the job of marketing even further as it saves your marketing team the time and effort of creating something from scratch and the branding itself serves to help attendees associate your branding with your event.


By maintaining a base of operations for your marketing activities within your software allows for all incoming data to arrive in one place with the proper tags and categorisations. Too often, the data collected from email forms and registrations is simply dumped into an Excel spreadsheet to be sorted and dealt with at another time. However, event management software can help to organise and sort your attendees’ information as it is submitted.


Click to get in touchOnce your attendees’ information has been collected, what next? Time for the really important work. Your collected data holds the key to a wealth of knowledge about your entire organisation’s performance in relation to your event. What worked? What didn’t work? Who was our target audience? Who did we actually attract? Who did we miss? How can we keep our attendees engaged even after the event? Reporting is an invaluable feature in any event management software as it can help to provide you with the answers to these questions and then some! By answering these questions using the data you’ve gathered and presented with the software’s reporting tools, your marketing team can create a detailed presentation in order to help company leadership make future decisions regarding your event.

A good event management software system may not be a “magic bullet” for any organisation, but it could very well be the magic touch that, when properly leveraged, can help your team reach the next level and ultimately result in more successful events.