Top Apps to Help Your Events Run Smoothly


According to a CareerCast report, ‘Event Organiser’ is the fifth most stressful job available, just behind firefighter and airline pilot. This is remarkable, but not all that surprising when you consider the vast range of responsibilities and tasks event organisers have to juggle.

The beauty of technology is its ability to streamline processes and make life easier when used in the right way. Clearly technology alone isn’t going to take all the stress out of event organising, but it can certainly go some way to helping things run smoothly.

Here we’ve taken a look at some of our favourite event management apps that can help organisers stay organised and ensure their events go off without a hitch:


Key benefits for Event Organisers:

–          Link separate documents, pictures and lists together for each event

–          Keep track of the all the teams’ itineraries from one place

If you’re not already using Evernote, we suggest you start now! At the heart of it Evernote is an app for creating lists (we all love a good list!), but used correctly it can be so much more. You can scan and store documents, record audio, take pictures and synchronise the data across all your devices. A number of projects can be managed simultaneously in Evernote and it even keep track of receipts, business cards and itinerates, all in the one place. 


Key benefits for Event Organisers:

–          Get access to files from any connected device when away from the office on site

–          Share large files with your team via a simple download link

Have you ever wished you could have all your files saved in one place, accessible from any location via any device? Well, with Dropbox it’s possible. A free account gives you 2GB of storage space, or you can upgrade to 100GB for $9.99 a month. By simply downloading Dropbox to your computer you can start moving your important files across to the cloud-based storage, meaning they will be accessible from any device with the Dropbox app. Perfect for when you desperately need to check your delegate list when you’re away from your desk. You can even share a link to a single document or folder, helping you send important information to your team on the move.


WiFi Analyzer

Key benefits for Event Organisers:

–          Ensure the venue’s WiFi connection is fast enough

–          Check the strength of WiFi signal in the most important areas of the venue

Strong and reliable WiFi has become essential for events and exhibitions, both for exhibitors and delegates alike. A poor and unstable connection could be disastrous, so when you’re carrying out site visits, download a WiFi analyser app (there are lots available). The app will give you all sorts of analytics such as the speed of the connection, interference from other signals and most importantly it will highlight the areas of the venue that have a weak WiFi signal. After all, there’s no point having a super-fast connection only in the main hall if the majority of people will be accessing the WiFi during the breakout sessions in a separate room.


Key benefits for Event Organisers:

–          Reach potential delegates by posting across all social media accounts from one dashboard

–          Set custom search streams to filter tweets and find content relating to specific events

You can be pretty confident that social media will be involved in your event, at least to some extent. Keeping up with the break-neck speed of online conversations can be a full time job in itself, so apps like Hootsuite can make life a lot easier. Hootsuite will allow you to connect the majority of your accounts, meaning that you can post and monitor all from one dashboard. Search streams can also be created to help you keep track of those that are talking about your event.

Click to get in touchWe’ve only really scratched the surface here, there are a wealth of other event apps out there that can be beneficial for event organisers. If used correctly, the small amount of time that it will take to get an app up and running will soon be outweighed by the time it saves in the long run, so start living ‘appy!