Top 10 Most Popular Blogs on EventTech Talk


We’ve said this before but we’ll say it again – it’s difficult running a good event these days if you’re not good at technology.   At least understanding what technology can do for you.

Event planners today are becoming more and more tech savvy as technology continues to play a critical role in all aspects of an event. From the use of simple registration systems, to complex event management tools. From check-in systems and event apps to new technologies like beacons, chat bots, VR and mixed reality.  Keeping up to date in today’s fast paced digital world however is a challenge for any event planner.

The EventTech Talk blog was launched 12 months ago to bring together the growing community of tech-savvy event planners who want to learn about the latest technology developments shaping our industry today. It offers advice from industry experts on what’s relevant and what’s not and the kind of things event planners need to think about when deploying new tech. We try to get the community involved too. With regular polls and research studies, EventTech Talk looks at what event planners are actually using and what their views are on some of the latest emerging technology trends – from data management and personalisation to integration and data security.

Have a look at the 10 most popular articles from EventTech Talk in 2016:

Ask the Experts: The Next Big Thing in Event Tech in 2017


What really stood out in 2016? Which event technology made a difference? And what should we expect for 2017? Find out what some of the industry’s well-known editors and event technology experts are saying. Read here.

How to Make Sure Event Emails Don’t Get Marked as Spam


Like it or not, emails still remain the most effective marketing tool for your events today. But with more than 20 percent of legitimate marketing emails never reaching the recipient’s inbox, what steps should event planners take to ensure the successful delivery of their email campaigns? Read here.

Infographic: Are You Personalising Your Events?


Personalisation was branded as one of the hottest trends in the events industry in 2016 with delegates expecting both the communication about an event and the live experience to be tailored to them in some way.  But how many of us are actually doing this around our events? What kind of technology tools help in personalisation?  Read here.

Infographic: 10 Most Popular Data Collection Tools for Event Planners


Event planners are using a whole range of data collection tools to gather and analyse valuable information on their attendees – from event registration systems and RFID to online surveys and event apps.  But which are the most effective? Find out what more than 100 senior event planners are using today. Read here.

9 Reasons Why Your Attendees Did NOT Use Your Event App


It’s all well and good having a 90% adoption rate for your event app but if your attendees or ticket holders are not using it as much as you hoped, where is the return on investment? Have a look at the most common reasons why your event apps may not be performing well. Read here.

Why Hiring Students for Your Events is a Good Idea


Modern universities today are offering event management courses that combine academia with experience, creating a whole new generation of skilled event professionals. Students are working on real projects with real clients and are trained in using some of the latest event management software.  They can provide important support on many aspects of an event, so why not work with them? Find out how students can add value to your events, how to find them and how to go about choosing the right candidates. Read here.

How Event Planners Can Use Event Tech for Experiential Events


Endlessly monotonous presentations are out, and experiential events are in. With better technology, a little bit of creativity and intelligent strategy, events are turning into highly engaging experiences that directly involve attendees and encourage them to participate in the evolution of a brand.  Find out how Jaguar Land Rover, JCB and creative experience agency, DRP Group, successfully used technology to create unique experiences at their events. Read here.

Why is Google Analytics So Important for Event Marketing?


Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool as it can tell you whether your marketing efforts are actually translating into results.  Understanding how people are interacting with your event website is important. Without this understanding, you won’t know the potential problems your event’s online presence is facing. You also won’t be able to make any meaningful changes. So, which are the Google Analytics features and metrics that matter most for event planners? Read here.

7 Easy Ways of Using Your Registration System to Personalise Events


Though it has its challenges and can vary in its effectiveness from one event to another, personalisation doesn’t have to be as complicated as one might think. Most organisations today use some form of automated system to manage registrations around their events and it is good starting point for any kind of personalisation you may want to do around your events.  Why?  Because it acts as the first point of contact for your delegates and lies at the heart of all your communications in the run up to your event. Click here.

Infographic: Save Time and Do MORE with your event data



Click to get in touchEvent planners deal with so many different systems to capture and manage information around their events – from their event management and ticketing systems to marketing automation, CRM, finance, membership solutions and so on. Putting all this data together where all the different systems automatically talk to each other is where integration comes in. In fact, having this kind of data ecosystem saves event planners an enormous amount of time around data entry and other admin tasks. It also makes sure that other people outside your team have immediate access to critical and up-to-date event information at all times. Read here.


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