QUIZ: Are You a Tech-Savvy Event Planner?

Quiz_Are you a tech savvy event planner

Do you consider yourself a tech-savvy event planner? A new research study from Eventsforce has found that 91% of event planners say event tech is an important aspect of their job (46% say VERY important), yet only 48% see themselves as tech-savvy! Another 75% also struggle to keep up with trends and new solutions in the market.

TAKE QUIZ: Are YOU a Tech-Savvy Event Planner?

The research study, titled ‘Are Event Planners Struggling with Event Technology’ also found that 47% of event planners say they have limited skills to make confident, informed decisions around their event tech investments, despite holding responsibility in the majority of organisations.

The scale of innovation in event tech has really been quite astounding over the last decade. We have seen simple registration systems evolve into sophisticated event management tools. We have seen the emergence of social media, mobile apps and live-streaming and the impact they have on hosting meetings and events. We’ve seen a growing focus on event data analytics and the application of new platforms like beacons, AR and VR technology. And now we have Artificial Intelligence to look forward to too.

All this innovation has also drastically changed the mind-set of the event planner. They now have to be more knowledgeable about the tech solutions they can use around their events. They have to constantly update their skills. They have to understand things like data integration, data security and APIs. They have to work more closely with web developers, social media professionals and IT departments.

Why? Because at the end of the day, today’s successful event planner is not just the one who can run good events, but one who can combine event planning, marketing and creative skills with a good understanding of event technology. And a vital quality of that person is curiosity, rather than any specific technical knowledge. It’s about being curious about the possibilities out there as the tools we will use in a few years’ time will probably be very different from the ones we are using today.

There is no single route to becoming a tech-savvy event planner, as everyone learns things in their own way. You should find the most effective way for you to acquire new knowledge and skills – some people prefer reading articles and eBooks, some prefer watching videos and listening to podcasts or webinars, while others opt for more interactive learning experiences where they can discuss new trends with other like-minded people. You can check out this infographic to see some of the most popular ways organisers keep up with event tech.

To get you started, we’ve put together this fun, interactive quiz to see how tech-savvy you are – have a go and see if you’re a TECH WIZZ or TECH APPRENTICE!

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