Why Merging Abstracts and Event Registration Makes Sense for Associations

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Being able to manage abstracts online is no longer enough for savvy association event professionals. They are now demanding end-to-end event planning and management solutions that allow them to effectively manage every aspect of the event lifecycle. Their aim? Delivering cutting-edge events that deliver the ultimate experience for their delegates, boost membership and enhance their brand.

At Eventsforce we developed a solution that meets the specific needs of associations. To ensure we got this right, we asked associations to share their top concerns and the things that really mattered to them.

Keeping registrants happy

Top of the list – a happy registrant is the number one measure of success for associations. Not having to visit multiple sites and being able to get everything done in one place makes life much easier for registrants and is a sure way to avoid confusion. Nobody ever complains that registration and abstract submission is too easy!

Keep all data under one roof

It may seem obvious, but having their data in one place was also high on the agenda and makes sense for a number of reasons: fewer systems means one single log-in, improving efficiencies for the event team; comprehensive reports can be run utilising all of the event data available, rather than just a cross-section; and new users can be easily created with varying levels of access to information.

Give more choice to the delegate

Delegates want to feel empowered and using the same system to manage abstracts and registrations makes it quick and easy to display details of the abstracts that have been submitted for each session. Registrants will find it far more convenient to book onto their preferred sessions every time.

Save time

Taking on a new piece of software is a big decision. Time will need to be set aside for implementation and training of each team member, so the fewer systems you have to get your head around, the better. This is a big plus for associations who are keen to save time and be free to focus on what matters most: delivering top quality events.

Click to get in touchIn short, it’s not enough just to listen to the concerns of associations. At Eventsforce we listened and took action. We developed a product that not only tackles abstract management and event registration in one system, but also offers seamless integration with other systems crucial to the running of association events, such as CRM and Finance systems.  Technology is here to make the life of the event professional easier and more productive, and enable them to add the wow factor to their events, but most crucially, it’s here for the delegates because making them happy is what it’s all about.

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