INFOGRAPHIC: The Power of Event Invitations

Regardless of whether you’re hosting a meeting, a networking event or a multi-day conference, we all know the importance of the event invite. It sets the tone of your event and is one of the first opportunities to make a good impression with potential attendees. It is also what convinces most people to take action and sign up.  But what are the latest trends around managing event invitations and how are event planners measuring success?

Research Study on Event Invitations

Last month, Eventsforce conducted a research study looking at what event planners are currently doing around event invites – and the results have been interesting.  The study – which was conducted with more than 100 senior event planners in the UK and the US – looks at key aspects around event invitations, including targeting, content and distribution. The findings also reveal what benchmarks and performance metrics organisations are using today when measuring the success of their event invites.

Key highlights include:

  • Only 23% of respondents are still using print invitations for their events – email is seen as the preferred format by 98% of organisations, followed by social media.
  • Almost 3 in 4 event planners are personalising invitations by using personal names in subject lines and creating specific content for different audiences.
  • Event highlights such as agenda and details on a keynote speaker, are more important than design and visuals when it comes to maximising registrations.
  • More than 90% of event planners send reminder emails after sending the first event invite, with 40% sending two reminders for each event.
  • Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings get the best results when sending out event invites. Almost a third of invitations get a 10% conversion rate.
  • Top 3 challenges of managing event invites include not getting enough people to click through call-to-action links, measuring performance of campaigns and difficulties in creating attractive, responsive HTML invites.

For a more comprehensive look at these results and some of the other findings from the Eventsforce ‘The Power of Event Invitations’ 2017 study, have a look at the infographic below:

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