If you work in events, it’s safe to say you use some form of technology – from simple spreadsheets and registration tools to more sophisticated event management software.  You may be considering investment in something new but the choice is limitless with hundreds of companies offering you different ways of improving efficiencies, cutting costs and driving value to your events. What you need to do is make sure that all those marketing promises you hear at vendor presentations are backed up with facts that matter to you and your delegates.

You want your event technology partner to not only understand what makes your attendees happy but apply this customer-oriented model in every aspect of their operations – from product development to account management, training and support. Find out how their solution has brought value to their own clients – especially ones that have a similar set-up to yours. By doing this, you can ensure that the system makes sense for your organisation and avoid any pitfalls typically associated to new technology adoption.

Similarly, you need to assess the quality of the support services that they provide. What types of training and onboarding services are available to you? Are there any added costs? Ask questions that aren’t planned in the presentation and this will help you get an idea on how difficult the technology is to use or how much training your team may need.

These questions – along with many others – can mean the difference between ‘winging it’ and getting the most from your technology investment. For a high level checklist on all the important things you should go through when meeting different vendors, have a look at the infographic below.

INFOGRAPHIC_How to Choose the Right Event Technology Partner

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