How Event Technology Can Boost Your Attendance


Hosting a successful event has never been easier. Gone are the days of archaic paper registration forms and complicated spreadsheets. Now you can increase attendance, decrease costs, and dazzle your participants with event registration software that is reliable, flexible, powerful, and affordable.

Increase Attendance

If you want to maximise your event attendance, event registration software will allow you to achieve this in several ways, and is well within your reach. As well as enabling you to promote your event through all media channels, including Social Media, and also manage invitations, crucially, you can dramatically reduce the drop-off levels on the registration page itself.

Customers appreciate the ease of registration alongside the data and payment security that event registration software provides. They will notice immediately if your event registration does not appear professional, and will judge your event accordingly. If your registration form is complicated to use, or your potential attendee does not trust that it is secure, this is one person that will never make it to your event!

There are also direct benefits for the event organiser. Effective event registration software will allow event organisers to collect critical registrant data, produce accommodation and travel solutions, and have an automated waiting list – all taking the guess work out of event planning.

Decreased Costs

Event software can play a significant part in reducing your event management costs. Paper registrations are full of waste and errors. Re-keying information not only takes precious time, it can also produce additional errors. Event registration software reduces unnecessary administrative costs, boosts productivity, and is quick to set up and easy to use. Better yet, you can replace multiple packages with one integrated solution.

Additionally, Marketing has never been easier. Reduced marketing costs with greater results are possible when the event software helps you produce event share widgets, links from your website, and offers other valuable promotion tools.

The Solution

If all of this has you wondering what is possible for your events, contact Eventsforce. We have software that is powerful, flexible, reliable, rapid, and affordable. Even better, our software is supported by a team of experienced professionals that are available to answer all of your questions and help you through all of your event planning.

Click to get in touchYou want to select a software solution that offers end-to-end planning, marketing, registration, and post-event analysis? Eventsforce offers all of that and more. You want a system that suits your unique needs? Eventsforce realizes that one system isn’t right for everyone. Our software is completely customizable with over 20 modules and 250 functions.

Make your event registration one that is envied by others and talked about positively for months to come. If you are interested in building an event registration that is professional, easy for your customers to use, and a smooth experience for everyone involved, you owe it to yourself to contact Eventsforce for a free demo. Click here to see how we can help you extract maximum value from your events.