Event Technology: How to Increase Adoption Across Your Whole Organisation

shutterstock_79727680New technology solutions that provide better ways for people to collaborate are constantly emerging and you may want to invest in a new solution for your organisation. However, the adoption of new technology can be daunting, perhaps even overwhelming. Adoption is usually the hardest part in the implementation of new tech solutions. You may invest in a solution for better collaboration but that’s difficult to achieve if your organisation isn’t using it properly or at all – so how can you encourage your organisation to leverage the tech solutions you want to introduce to the workplace? We have some ideas for you.

 Establish goals and determine fit

Answer the question: why should they use it? Before you invest in a new solution or try to introduce a new solution, consider how it will fit in with your organisation’s day-to-day activities. Work with your team to establish objectives or goals that you hope to achieve through the implementation. As the solution is being integrated into the workplace, find a way to consistently measure the effectiveness of the solution in achieving the goals established. Adoption rates will go up as reluctant individuals in the organisation see that the new technology solution is worth the effort to adopt.

 Collaborate with the provider

You want a solution provider that is willing to continuously provide updates and support based on feedback. It is important that the provider of the tech solution is willing to work closely with you and your team to establish a good implementation program and ensure that the adoption rate is high.

 Schedule training

Once you’ve invested in the tech solution that best fits your organisation – be sure to provide training. Even if the new solution has an intuitive design, providing training can greatly increase individuals’ comfort levels with it. Training can be in the form of webinars, tutorial pages, or onsite training workshops.

 Lead by example

Click to get in touchIt may be difficult to increase technology adoption across the whole organisation all at once. Consider building a group of evangelists for your new technology solution within your team/organisation or begin by having team/group leaders adopt the technology first to encourage change amongst the team members.

There’s no one-size-fits-all technology solution – take into consideration the individuals in your organisation and help them see how the new technology will be beneficial in their work. Leveraging a new technology solution can increase the overall effectiveness of your workforce but adopting the solution should not have to be an excruciating process.