Four Easy Tips for Successful Product Launch Events

robot crowdThe successful launch of a new product into any marketplace can reinvigorate old customers, open up the brand to new markets and engage a whole new generation of consumers. Organising a flawless product launch in a cluttered marketplace however is a significant challenge for any company, regardless of size and budget.




1. Discover a Budding Company Guru

  mikeWhile many companies use celebrity endorsement and tie-ups to launch a product, it is often far better to identify and nurture someone from within the organisation – ideally someone who was close to the development of the product. If not the company MD or CEO, it could quite easily be a brand guardian or someone who led the team behind the development. The most important thing is that they are a comfortable, natural public speakers and well trained on your key messages.


2. Hold a Social Takeover

socialtakeoverA social media takeover involves a targeted marketing campaign that kicks off a series of social media activities that create excitement leading up to and after your launch event. There are a number of things here that can work well, including:

  • Pinterest albums
  • Memorable, fun hashtags
  • On-site contests
  • Infographics
  • Animations
  • Videos and teaser campaigns

Social media managers can then interact with a growing community, re-share great posts, answer customer questions and keep the flame of interest growing consistently.


3. Community Management

threeiphonesMany products enjoy a following of passionate consumers who are only too happy to share views on everything your company produces. Online reviews are big business these days and many people run their own YouTube channels devoted to particular brands and product discussion. Twitter and Facebook both carry huge weight when it comes to product reviews and the sheer gathering of numbers can very quickly affect overall sales. Some markets in particular attract huge reviews – from computing and games to fashion and health – and these can have a massive impact on launch success. Target your audience carefully and focus on creating a community by providing them with relevant but genuinely useful tools and information.


4. Mass Appeal Concepts

spacebootsProduct sales can sometimes be achieved even before your launch event. At the Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach CA, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield announced that Back to The Future’s Power Laces would become available in 2015 – the year Nike promised them in the 1985 film! The concept announcement generated a huge spike in interest from around the world in all Nike trainers. While promising something that is not readily available may not be in the businesses best interest, the excitement it can generate can be well worth it.


Click to get in touchWhen approaching a new launch, it can feel as though everything has been done at least once and that your audience is tired of traditional marketing techniques. Many companies resort to throwing budget at the problem and relying on the power of the brand. Instead, take the time to understand the product and pinpoint the exact customer persona behind it. The most successful launches are always creative, professional and engaging. Find the right angle and engage with the market in the right way.  By developing a thorough plan, you can better predict and avoid pitfalls and ultimately, produce a genuinely great product launch for your organisation.

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