How Event Software Benefits Your Delegates

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By George Sirius, CEO, Eventsforce

In today’s fast-paced business environment, hosting, planning, and managing events without the assistance of event software is tedious and inefficient both for your organization, as well as prospective delegates. Fortunately there is a solution. Implementing web-based software that utilizes an event management platform, social media outlets, and video streaming, can change this, and at the same time serve as a powerful tool in the promotion, management, and success of your event.

Event software not only provides planning and data solutions for you, it greatly benefits delegates by introducing advanced communication and collaboration, decreasing processing errors, and generating easy access to your registration and payment options. It adds value and it is value that a delegate seeks from events. These tools have a huge impact on the event’s productivity, by offering superior advantages to the delegates, helping them get more from the show and you receive positive feedback – anecdotally or statistically.

If you are worried about branding, don’t be. These software solutions are able to use your own branding guidelines and replicate the ‘look and feel’ of your website, fitting in seamlessly with your corporate image and messaging.

Improved Registration and Payment Procedures

Eliminating the cumbersome paper registration process through an on-line application program, event software systems allow delegates to register immediately, essentially to “strike while the iron is hot”. Delegates enter their own contact information, reducing misinterpretation and clerical errors, and can then select their preferred payment option. This provides a quick, secure registration process that will increase rates and allow instant access to event specifics.

The secured payment option includes a printable receipt, and permits the delegates to have an instant verification of their position at the event, along with personal account access. This allows participants to view pre-selected areas of interest, schedule meeting times with other delegates, and generally get the most out of your event.

Advanced Communication and Collaboration Procedures

Event software offers efficient access for your organizational staff to contact registered delegates. Depending upon the best type of contact for each delegate, these software programs allow you to text, email, or utilize social media sites to keep the delegates informed about changes and additions to the planned event.

For example, email tools allow you to generate and send structured messages to certain delegate demographics, and the social media network tools allow you to communicate with, and reach an extensive targeted audience.

Decreased Processing Errors

The tracking abilities of event software allow you to maintain constant attention to any element of the event, including suppliers, speakers, numbered badges, etc., facilitating the overall coordination involved in conducting the event. Processing errors are reduced through the use of a real-time event platform that incorporates every area of operation.

Decreasing errors generates a more positive experience for everyone, providing you with a reputation for competence and capability, which helps ensure repeat attendance.

Event software programs are superior management systems that offer your organization instant access to data, and provide analysis tools that can identify areas of improvement, while enabling you to plan, host, and manage your event with success. They are designed to increase the functionality of your planned event, but also create satisfying benefits for your delegates, and at the end of the day we need to keep the delegates happy as they are at the heart of any event.

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