By Richard Lewis, Business Development Manager, Eventsforce


Richard Lewis, Business Development Manager

For me, dealing with new business at Eventsforce means getting to know people, understanding their needs and exploring ways in which we can help them. Everyone has different requirements and challenges and nothing exemplifies this more than how our Awards solution is used. It’s one piece of technology that is much broader than the name suggests. Organisations using Eventsforce Awards may be running employee recognition programs internally, external awards evenings, or running awards programs on behalf of clients. All have different needs and requirements but they get in touch with us because they understand that technology is the key to addressing their challenges and moving their business forward in the right direction.

Help finding your shining stars

Awards technology is one area that Eventsforce has been making a significant impact in over the last few years. The old saying, ‘your employees are you most valuable asset’ has never been more true, and now employers are recognising this. Over the last few years I have seen more and more organisations wanting to engage with their global workforce, but they face numerous challenges. They struggle to recognise and measure employee achievement, face challenges in promoting their company culture internally, and fail to use employee success as a motivation tools for others. Ultimately, they are drowning in data trying to find their shining stars. Fortunately, technology can provide a solution.

Solving common challenges

When discussing the challenges that businesses face when managing awards or internal recognition programs, three specific areas seem to cause the most concern. These are hosting, security and branding. It’s my role to address these challenges and reassure event professionals that solutions exist and are available.

When discussing hosting I find that a hosted SaaS solution, specifically the fact it can be accessed 24/7 from any device anywhere around the globe appeals and is indeed deemed essential to professionals managing fast paced and constantly changing and evolving events.

Security is also another big issue. Our clients recognise the importance of data privacy and security, and the impact it can have on all areas of the business, and on business performance and success. Fortunately through private websites and a Single Sign-On (SSO), our clients can give secure and private access for all awards stakeholders on a global level.

Lastly branding. Customers with strict branding guidelines are demanding the functionality to create a unique look for each awards or event website, branded within their company guidelines and using their own logos. This is a demand that technology is able to meet.

Technology is the solution

Click to get in touchSo, from all of this we can see one clear thing. Running an awards program of any type can be a challenge, but it’s one challenge that can be overcome. The technology is already in place to provide all the assistance you need, it’s just a question of identifying who can help.

If you want to learn more about how Eventsforce can help you manage the very best possible awards programs please give me a call on  +44 (0)20-7785-7040 or email

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