Online Registration

Personalised Invitations

Create targeted invitation lists in Eventsforce so that you can easily personalise invitations for different audiences (attendees, sponsors, speakers). Encourage quick and easy registration through the use of personalised links, which take your attendees to their own personal pre-filled registration forms.

User-Friendly & Flexible Forms

Offer attendees a smooth and painless registration experience through easy-to-navigate multilingual forms that can easily be copied or changed to suit your specific needs. Use a range of formatting tools like drop-down lists, default answers, optional and mandatory questions and help text to ensure you’re capturing the information you want in the format you need.

Tailored Registration Workflows

Creating personal registration journeys for different types of attendees can have a big impact on the registration experience. Decide which registration questions, agendas, sessions, prices and packages you want to show to which attendees, based on audience segments and categories defined by you. Use the information to learn more about your attendees and drive engagement around your events.

Online Payments & Invoicing

Accept payments from attendees by credit/debit card, bank transfer, cheque or invoice – all directly linked to specific pricing criteria, packages and discounts defined by you. Eventsforce can easily be integrated with most major payment gateway providers, giving your attendees complete payment flexibility in a secure and compliant environment. You can also design your own custom invoices in Eventsforce, which can be automatically sent to attendees once they complete their registrations.

Tiered Pricing & Discounts

Discounts and offers are a great way of getting people to sign up to an event. Eventsforce allows you to apply a flexible tiered pricing structure where booking fees can automatically change according to timings and audience categories defined by you (ex. early bird discounts or members-only registration fees). The system also supports the use of discounts and promo codes which can be used alongside any promotional activities you have around your events.

Group Bookings

Simplify group bookings by making it easy for your attendees to register and pay for themselves, as well as other people within their group or organisation. The system supports group discounts and automatically pre-fills registration information for people within the same group.

Badges and Barcoding

Create fully customised attendee badges with optional barcode scanning to capture important event attendance data. You can print the badges directly from Eventsforce or email them automatically to attendees

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