Programme Management

Manage Your Agendas & Sessions

Build your agendas in Eventsforce and assign dates, times, location, capacity and presenters for each session. Save time in tracking sessions and making changes with a host of labelling, bulk management and filtering tools – safe in the knowledge that the information your attendees are dealing with is always accurate and up-to-date.

Run Your Sessions Online

Use an intelligent programme management tool to create and update the agendas in your virtual event whilst making it easy for attendees to choose sessions that are of interest to them. Publish agendas automatically on the VCD platform + other websites. Full integration with Eventsforce Abstracts allows you to simplify the entire process of managing abstracts/call for papers, and allows your attendees to view abstracts within each online session, including supporting docs + abstract posters.

Personalise Attendee Scheduling

Give your attendees a more tailored registration experience by making it easier for them to view, search and choose sessions that are of interest to them. The tool ensures that the agenda people see on websites, forms and apps is always kept accurate and up-to-date and stops them from double-booking, if any of their sessions overlap.

Flexible Publishing

Create your agendas in one place and publish them automatically on event websites, registration forms and apps. Decide which sessions you want to publish and which you want to save in draft. This is useful when you want to go live with registrations for some sessions but waiting to confirm details on some of the others.

Manage Capacity & Conflicts

Set capacities for each session, decide whether or not you want to show this information to attendees and get notifications when you reach capacity levels and goals. The tool also alerts users on room clashes if assigning the same room to more than one session at the same time.

Intelligent Scheduling

The tool offers scheduling features which notify users if the agenda is running overtime. For events with abstract presentations, you can also drag and drop different presentations around within a session and the system will automatically recalculate the start and end times of each.

Data Sharing Made Easy

If you use spreadsheets for managing and reporting the information you have on agendas and sessions, then you can easily import/export the data from Eventsforce using a simple CSV file. Our open API also ensures that any changes to your event’s programme is automatically reflected on your event app – both in the agenda section and the personal schedule of attendees.

Get Real-Time Insight

Get an accurate overview on how your sessions are doing in terms of registrations and room capacity at any given time. Make better informed decisions like cancelling some sessions or swapping rooms around if some proving to be more popular than others.

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