Eventsforce Addresses Key Challenges Around Managing Sessions and Building Complex Event Programmes

London, UK – 4th October 2017 – Eventsforce has announced today the launch of an intelligent programme management tool that promises to save time and address key challenges around creating agendas and managing sessions around events.  The new tool has also been developed to personalise the attendee registration experience by making it easier to view, search and choose those sessions that match their specific interests.

“One of the most important jobs for the event planner is to identify the reasons why people want to attend their event and build a content programme around these needs.  They want to make sure that attendees can quickly look at an agenda, understand exactly what the event offers, find the sessions they want and know that they’ll be able to attend the sessions they booked on their schedules,” commented George Sirius, CEO of Eventsforce.

“But creating and managing successful event programmes can also be one of the most frustrating and time-consuming jobs that event planners have to do: Speakers change, timings change, topics change, room capacities don’t meet demand and so on.  What we’re launching today is a simple but intelligent tool that focuses on improving the attendee’s scheduling experience, whilst helping planners build great programmes, make changes and know that the information they’re dealing with is always accurate and up-to-date.”

The new Eventsforce programme management tool is mobile-responsive with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for attendees to personalise their schedules at events. People can use the tool’s filtering option to view and choose sessions that focus on specific themes and interests.  The system also allows them to make changes to their schedules and stop them from double-booking if any of their sessions overlap.

Eventsforce is also addressing some of the key time-consuming challenges event planners face when creating, publishing and managing agendas for single or multi-track events. The tool offers intelligent scheduling, which notifies users if sessions are running under or overtime.  It also allows users to drag and drop different sessions around, whilst automatically recalculating the start and end times of each. The tool also offers organisers flexibility to kick off registrations for some sessions, while saving others in draft until all other details have been confirmed.

As well as alerting users on potential room and time conflicts for each session, the tool also helps with decision-making through valuable real-time insight.  At any time, event planners can have a clear overview on how their sessions are doing in terms of registrations and room capacities. This will help them make quick decisions on room allocations if some sessions are proving to be more popular than others. The tool ensures any changes can be done quickly and that they’re accurately reflected in what attendees see on websites and registration forms. The Eventsforce open API also makes sure that any changes recorded in the programme management tool can be updated automatically on the event app and vice-versa.

For more information on the Eventforce Programme Management Tool, please email or contact one of the team on +44 2 7785 7040.


About Eventsforce

Eventsforce provides web-based event management software that powers thousands of successful events each year. With headquarters in London (UK), its customers span 14 different countries and represent some of the leading names in finance, education, government, associations, PCOs and publishing. Its highly customisable software provides a complete end-to-end management solution that addresses every aspect of the event lifecycle: from event planning, marketing and registration, to abstracts and awards management, as well as post-event analysis and reporting.

Eventsforce also has expertise in managing complex data integration projects, which help organisations save time, improve data sharing and bring value to their events.  It has partnerships with leading technology vendors and its open API allows organisations to seamlessly integrate Eventsforce solutions with payment gateways, CRM solutions, finance and membership systems.

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