COVID-19 – Use Your Event Data to Get Fit for the Future

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A new research study investigating the impact of COVID-19 on the events industry shows that 36% of organisers are using this ‘down time’ to make improvements to the way they collect, manage and use their event data.

Whether you’re running virtual, hybrid or physical events, event data is critical in helping you understand exactly what happened at your event and how you can improve things in the future. But the more data you collect from events, the more important it becomes to have a clear strategy which outlines exactly what data needs to be collected from events and how this data is going to be used.

Not doing this effectively is a real lost opportunity. It will also create other problems in the long run.

This webinar will cover:

  • How ‘getting your data fit’ now can help your events in the future
  • How to collect valuable event data
  • How to put together an effective data management strategy
  • How to address your top data management challenges
  • Recommended Reading