Eventsforce Speeds Up Event Check-in for Attendees

Integrated system offers real-time insight on registrations, check-in and attendance and helps with GDPR compliance

London, UK – 5th Feb 2019 – Eventsforce has launched today a new self-service check-in solution which cut downs registration queues at events and provides attendees with a more efficient way to scan and print their badges. Part of the company’s on-site suite of offerings, Eventsforce Kiosk has been designed to make the whole check-in process a lot easier for organisers, while providing them with valuable real-time insight on all their attendance data.

“Printing and scanning attendee badges can be a logistical nightmare. And yet getting it right is so important as it can have such a significant impact on first impressions when people arrive at an event.  They don’t want to start their experience standing in long queues or waiting for someone to help them out.” said George Sirius, CEO, Eventsforce.

“Attendees can now check-in to an event in a matter of seconds through a simple name search or QR code scan. Full integration with our registration system also ensures that all attendees, including walk-ins, won’t face any issues finding their details on the kiosk systems.”

As well as improving the attendee experience, the solution helps organisations cut down a lot of the time and resources typically spent around managing attendance. Badges can be designed and customised easily for each event and the use of self-service kiosks reduces the need for on-site staff.

Better management of attendance data was one of the key things Eventsforce wanted to address with the new integrated solution.  The system’s analytics tool gives organisers a live overview of who has checked in, comparing the data with registrations and segmenting by attendee type. Organisers can choose to share links to this real-time information with stakeholders and management teams.

“Having access to live attendance data not only helps with reporting but can be instrumental in making important decisions on the day.  Should you delay serving breakfast as people are checking-in later than you thought?  Have all your speakers arrived?  Even after the event, dealing with accurate attendance data is key in measuring success. Having one integrated system gives organisers this kind of real-time insight.” continued Sirius.

The integrated solution helps address some of the other data challenges events face when dealing with different technology suppliers for registrations and check-in. Organisers can eliminate the need for manual data transfers between systems, saving time and reducing errors.  It also means all their attendee data can be managed securely through one centralised event management platform.

The Eventsforce Kiosk also helps events with GDPR compliance. The self-service kiosks remove the need for having printed delegate badges on registration desks. The system also makes it easy for organisers to secure access to all the data on the kiosk systems.  If an iPad is lost or misplaced, the organiser can remotely block any access to minimise the risk of breach.

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