How to Make Great First Impressions at Your Events

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You’ve worked hard on your event marketing, put effort into getting the registrations in, and worked through the small hours making sure your logistics are sound and your speaker content top-notch. And now all your delegates are standing in queues, wasting time and getting irritated. Is this the first impression you were looking to create?

Here’s an open and honest debate on how check-in event-tech can:

  • Improve your attendee experiences by reducing the whole process of check-in and badge printing to seconds
  • Save valuable time around creating and printing delegate badges
  • Improve data management through integrating check-in systems with your event registration solution
  • Help you make better decisions based on understanding when people are arriving at your event, who they are, and what sessions they are attending
  • Help you stay GDPR compliant by enabling you to stay in control of your data management and security through restricted access and user roles

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