How to Keep Your Virtual Attendees Engaged!

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“Engagement remains the BIGGEST challenge for organisers around virtual events.” – EventMB Research 2020


The shift to virtual and hybrid models has created all sorts of new challenges for  event planners today – from changing strategy and dealing with new technology to understanding how to create the kind of events that keep people engaged!

Virtual Event Platforms that offer a wide range of engagement tools can make the online experience a lot more effective. But running ‘engaging’ virtual events is not just about technology.  It’s about understanding remote attendee behaviour too.

This eBook covers all the top things organisers need to think about when building engagement around their online events – specifically:

  • The importance of engagement in Virtual & Hybrid Events
  • Attendee expectations: Virtual vs live in-person events
  • 10 ways to boost your engagement – from directing speakers and rethinking agenda design to using tools like polling, Q&As and gamification
  • Common Mistakes + key considerations to get engagement right!

Eventsforce Virtual Content Delivery (VCD)

A fully integrated platform to support you with registration, live streaming, networking and the ability to build lasting relationships with your attendees online.

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