Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person Events – How to Manage all Your Event Data!

A new poll from Eventsforce has found that 76% of event planners feel that managing all their event data is becoming increasingly more challenging with virtual and hybrid events.

Event data is incredibly valuable. It is essential in helping planners and organisations understand exactly what is happening at their events and how they can improve things in the future. But with virtual and hybrid events now thrown into the mix, managing data is becoming more of an issue. A lot of the data collected from events today also sits on so many different systems (registration platforms, virtual event platforms, engagement and networking tools etc) – making it difficult to do anything useful with it.

Join our webinar where we will take an in-depth look at all the important things organisers need to look at when it comes to getting value from their event data:

  • Why data is critical for your 2021 event strategy
  • Top data collection tools and why they matter
  • 4 key steps in building a successful data management strategy
  • How to address your top event data challenges