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The Event Planner’s Guide to Good Data Management

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“The biggest event tech trend for 2020 is data management”

– Danalynne Menegus, managing editor, Corporate Event News

Event data is essential in helping planners and organizations understand exactly what is happening at their events and how they can improve things in the future. Whether it’s measuring attendance or figuring out which sessions people found most engaging – event data can be incredibly valuable.

Despite its importance, however, many organizers find it difficult to manage all the data they collect from events and get the insights they need. In fact, a research study from Eventsforce found that more than 8 in 10 event planners see data management a consistent and growing challenge.

This is not an issue that is going to become any easier either – especially when it comes to compliance, reporting and analytics and the abundant use of tech tools that help organizations collect an enormous amount of data on their events and attendees.

This eBook covers all the important basics event professionals need to know when it comes to managing their event data – including:

  • Why Data Management is Essential for Events
  • How to Collect Valuable Event Data
  • 4 Key Steps to Creating an Effective Data Management Strategy
  • How to Address the Top Challenges of Managing Event Data

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