From a singular solution to a comprehensive platform: here’s how Eventsforce moved forward with EVENTIT


Meeting, connecting, collaborating — MICE professionals thrive when they come together. As an organisation, EVENTIT’s purpose has always been to collectively inspire sector professionals from the UK and beyond via a wide-ranging roster of events. However, the past few years have not only seen the events landscape shift around the organisation, but — for this long-time Eventsforce partner — brought about a deeper change in how it has come to utilise the Eventsforce platform.

Building on Success

Having deployed the solution for a number of years during its E Awards — an annual event for those within the Scottish events and festivals industry — EVENTIT has a long-established relationship with Eventsforce. In fact, the successful deployment of the platform during the E Awards has proven to be the catalyst for turning these one-off arrangements into something more long-term. As Judith Wilson, the organisation’s Events Director explains, the consistently successful execution of EVENTIT’s E Awards is precisely, “ … why we then went on to partner with Eventsforce with the registration platform.” But even on the back of that success, the challenge has been for EVENTIT to move from deploying Eventsforce as a singular solution during its E Awards to comprehensively utilising it across the wide spectrum of its portfolio — just as the organisation was in the process of rebuilding its post-pandemic roster of activities.

As a user of Eventsforce, the organisation’s goal is now not only to extend its use of the platform well-beyond its E Awards, but to utilise the solution’s full capabilities during each and every one of its onward events. This deployment comes, explains Luisa Vaiente, Marketing Assistant at EVENTIT, at a time when both the organisation — as well as the industry at-large — is gaining an ever-increasing sense of momentum. While EXPERIENCEit is the organisation’s annual flagship event, she adds that, “We also have education sessions and host a series of smaller events throughout the year.”

Functionality for Every Event

During an average year, Luisa clarifies that EVENTIT usually hosts about 15 different events of varying sizes, but explains that this figure has been impacted by the knock-on effect of the pandemic. “Our first year back in 2021, we only really had the trade show and then one smaller event … we’ve slowly been rebuilding our portfolio back up,” she states. The idea is now to harness the capabilities of Eventsforce across all of EVENTIT’s schedule of events — no matter how large or small.

For EVENTIT, the results of this wider deployment of the platform have been wholly positive. Easy-to-use and intuitive, Eventsforce allows users to analyse and manage data with ease and integrates easily with the organisation’s in-house CRM. The system’s functionality also allows users to effortlessly create bespoke websites and landing pages for each individual event, something that has come in handy with EVENTIT’s variety of events.

But for the team at EVENTIT, it’s the customer support that makes the Eventsforce platform both so unique and so user-friendly. Speaking openly about the organisation’s transition to a full-time user of the system, Judith states, “ … it has been fantastic working with Eventsforce and the support team have been fantastic all the way through,” a point, she says, that has “really stood out” during a time of change. Now — with the full capabilities of Eventsforce at its disposal — EVENTIT can carry on with its mission to connect and inspire MICE professionals in the UK and beyond.


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Image credit: Paul Watt Photography