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Wellcome is a global charitable foundation, which aims to improve health by helping great ideas thrive. As a politically and financially independent organisation, it supports scientists and researchers take on big problems, fuel imaginations and spark debate. Wellcome’s events team is based in London and are responsible for organising more than 50 meetings each year held across numerous locations around the world.

Challenge: Wellcome had previously been using a manual process for managing delegate registrations. The events team spent hours in administrative work – from manipulating spreadsheets and updating records – in an effort to organise and track delegate information.  The system wasn’t very efficient and Wellcome recognised the need for a new automated solution that would provide the advanced registration, data capture and reporting tools it now required. Wellcome also needed a system that would simplify the whole process of submitting, reviewing and distributing abstracts (papers) for some of its events.

Solution:  With these requirements in mind, Wellcome approached Eventsforce who proposed a new web-based event management solution. The system allows the events team to quickly launch custom event websites, where attendees can process registration forms, choose sessions and request transport and accommodation bookings. All the information is automatically stored in Eventsforce, which the events team can use to pull out detailed reports on registrations and bookings. Occasionally, Wellcome also uses Eventsforce’s abstract management solution to collate poster or presentation abstracts, and produce printed documents which are used as handouts at its events.

In the future, the organisation plans to integrate the event management system with Insight Mobile. This will allow the events team to introduce event apps for delegates, where they’ll be able to browse sessions on their mobile devices and connect with other attendees.

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