Eventsforce and TAG

TAG is an award-winning global, independent travel and events management company based in the UK.  Working on high-profile events for international organisations such as Epson and NTT Com Security, the company is responsible for providing group and travel accommodation, as well as complex logistics services to leading international corporate, sporting and entertainment clients.

Challenge: TAG had been using their own in-house system to manage the registration, travel and flight arrangements for delegates attending its client events. Unfortunately, the process involved the use of complex spreadsheets and programmes, which made it difficult for the events team to respond quickly to delegate changes and client requests. The company need a more efficient system that would automate the registration process, give the team more control on creating websites and forms, as well as offer advanced reporting tools that would improve the service it provides to its customers.

Solution: TAG approached Eventsforce, whose onboarding team quickly turned around a flexible solution that would address each client’s individual needs. The web-based events management software gives the team the ability to easily create custom websites and registration forms. The solution is integrated with a number of global payment gateways that help delegates make secure online payments in the currency of their choosing. The technology is also intuitive and provides the flexibility TAG needs to capture all the necessary travel and accommodation information: from hotel preferences and flights to transfers, dietary requirements and visa requests.  This information is then collated in automated reports that can be used to effectively manage the logistics of each event.

“Our decision to work with Eventsforce was not just based on their technology and the choices it offers but their hands-on approach to service and support. The team gave us all the assistance we needed at a time when we were implementing a number of new processes at the company. They understand what we do and can always rely on them in determining what solution works best for our clients’ events.”

Chris Turner, Group Event & Technology Specialist, TAG

Why Eventsforce?

  • 34% increase in number of events by fourth year with Eventsforce
  • 2,500 registrations per year
  • Secure payments based on clients preferred payment preferences
  • Reporting tools provide detailed delegate travel and accommodation lists

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