Eventsforce and Scientific Update

Scientific Update organises organic process chemistry and related training courses, conferences and workshops to the international chemistry community. Their events team is responsible for managing over 40 events across America, Europe and Asia each year.

Challenge: Scientific Update used a bespoke solution to manage delegate registrations. The system was offline and involved a number of data-entry steps. It also used a separate web-based registration form which had no real functionality for tracking and managing attendees. And while the reporting functions were good, the system involved the timely process of manually transferring data to other customised back-end applications. With these challenges in mind, Scientific Update approached Eventsforce who proposed a new web-based solution that would improve efficiency by automating the entire delegate management process using one integrated platform.

Solution: Scientific Update team are now able to use the Eventsforce event management system to create customised online registration pages a lot quicker than before.  Email invitations can link delegates directly to the event website, where they can register and make payments using the integrated Worldpay gateway. All delegate information is automatically stored in Eventsforce which can be accessed to create up to date attendance reports. The Eventsforce onboarding team has also integrated the system with a new Salesforce CRM solution, which facilitates the two-way communication of valuable attendee information.  Teams can now create invitation lists in Eventsforce using Salesforce databases, while leads can automatically be created on Salesforce whenever new delegates register for an event. The process has saved considerable time on manual work and eliminates duplication, errors and inconsistencies.

“We were implementing a number of new business systems within our organisation but the Eventsforce’s onboarding team made the whole process quite easy. The team worked very closely with us to make sure the software met our objectives and integrated seamlessly with Worldpay and Salesforce. By reducing the time previously spent on administration, we are now able to focus our efforts on the right tasks, such as increasing the number of people attending our events.”

Claire Francis, Director, Scientific Update

Why Eventsforce?

  • More than 40 events across America, Europe and Asia each year
  • 10 minutes saved in processing each registration
  • 60 hours saved in manual work updating back end databases
  • Seamless integration with Worldpay gateway and Salesforce CRM system
  • Reporting tools provide insight on event revenue, session selections & attendance

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