Eventsforce and Schroders

Schroders is a leading global asset management company with over 200 years of experience in investment markets.  Its events team in the UK runs hundreds of meetings, seminars and conferences across Europe each year.

Challenge: As most of Schroder’s events target their customers and investor contacts around the world, invitation lists were usually compiled by account managers who owned these client relationships. The lists would be put together using the company’s Salesforce CRM solution and would then have to be manually uploaded to the Eventsforce event management system, which would track and manage registrations around each event.

The problem was that as account managers had no access to the data in Eventsforce, the events team would spend a lot of time providing them with regular attendance updates and reports.  All the registration data recorded in Eventsforce needed to be manually uploaded into the CRM system – which was time-consuming, inefficient and prone to error. It also meant that the sales team didn’t have real-time visibility on which of their contacts were attending their events or which events and sessions they had engaged with in the past.

Solution: Schroders decided to integrate Eventsforce with the company’s Salesforce CRM system in an effort to improve data sharing between the two departments. The integration allows the events team to automatically pull invitation lists from Salesforce directly into Eventsforce, without the need for manual uploads.  More importantly, any updates around invitations or registrations that are recorded in Eventsforce are instantly updated within the CRM system in real-time.

The integration saves the events team a lot of time creating invitation lists, chasing responses and collating reports – giving them additional resources to manage other aspects of their events.  On the other hand, sales and management teams have access to the most up-to-date information on how many of their contacts are attending an upcoming event and how many events they have attended in the past. The data can help them decide whether or not they need to personally encourage people to register (instead of the events team) or if they want to arrange meet-ups before or at the event.  The integration also ensures that any new contacts that have registered for an event are automatically recorded into the CRM database – helping the sales team stay up-to-date with important lead information.

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