INFOGRAPHIC: Are you Personalizing Your Event Experiences?

Personalisation Pic_BlogPersonalization is seen as one of the hottest trends in the events industry this year with delegates expecting both the communication about an event and the live experience to be tailored to them in some way.  Data capture tools – from event registration systems and RFID to online surveys and event apps – are helping organizations collect valuable information on their delegates which can be analyzed to create more powerful and customized event experiences.

But as good as it all sounds, how many of us are actually doing this?  Last month, we conducted a study with over 160 senior event planners in the UK and the US to investigate the current uptake of personalization in the industry. The results have been very interesting.

The study revealed that though personalization is a key priority for 82% of event planners, only 27% are consistently using it as part of the marketing efforts around their events. When asked why – it seems the biggest barriers are lack of time, resources and cost.

Registration systems are a good place to start for any kind of personalization you may want to do around your events.  Find out how by reading this blog: 7 easy ways of using your registration process to personalize events.

We also looked at the kind of marketing tools organizations are using to personalize their delegate experiences.  Personalized email communications came up at top at 68%, followed by unique registration paths and personalized educational content.  Online surveys were the most popular data capture tool at 65%, followed by event apps (44%) and social media tools (42%).  Surprisingly, new technologies such as iBeacons and wearables were only used by 3% of event planners.

For a more comprehensive look at these results and some of the other findings from the Eventsforce ‘Personalization: Creating Tailored Event Experiences’ study, please download the infographic below:


1300 Eventsforce Infographic US

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